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gossip of two women

I always thought it was okay to talk behind someone’s back if what I said was true.


When I discovered the virtues 30 years ago, I learned exactly when it IS okay to say negative things about someone (in court, as a parent, or as a boss — whenever it is actually helpful to the person and the common good).

I also learned the unexpected reason why saying negative things about someone in other situations is harmful — and how to change my habit of gossiping. This 4-minute video lets you in on the real scoop — with tips to overcome the habit. Think of it as “Gossip 101.”

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14 Responses to “3 Cures for Gossip (and the real reason not to gossip)”

  1. Rita

    Thank you that was very good . God Bless you always. You have enriched my
    Spiritual journey and I look forward to reading them and use them in my daily walk.

    • Elizabeth

      Thank you so much for this video. Three light bulb moments for me: 1. that everyone deserves their good reputation. 2. Why it is so hard to reject hearing it – because I don’t want to reject the person speaking (you totally hit the nail on the head with that insight). 3. Your last tip for how to deal with hearing it. Brilliant. It’s so kind to the both the person speaking and the subject of the gossip. Thank you! This will really be a game changer for me in the battle with this sin of gossip. And btw, you are so natural in front of the camera. I felt like we were just sitting having coffee together. ?

  2. Sabine Paul

    Very practical “cures” for gossip. I particularly liked the one on how to respond to someone who initiates it. Looking forward to trying them out. Thanks!

  3. Maria

    Rose. These tips and information was very helpful on how to handle gossip. So true on respecting others and their rights. It’s so hard not to get involved in the gossip because you feel that you need to know something about that person because it might affect you in some way but instead of it being something positive it becomes very negative. I like the last response to dealing with gossip, on turning it around to a constructive response. “Let’s pray about it or how can we help that person”. Thank you again.

  4. Theresa

    Thanks Rose for this very informative input you shared. Can I share it with my family, coworkers and friends. God bless and take care

  5. Theresa

    Thanks Rose for this informative input you shared. Can I share this to my family, coworkers and friends? God bless and take care, you are appreciated???

  6. Barbara

    Very insightful and helpful! But the best part was seeing your smiling face??

  7. Mary

    This is a very helpful teaching. Knowing concretely why it is wrong to engage in an action I know intuitively is harmful, helps me resist temptation.
    Thank you for the beautiful strategy to avoid gossip so constructively :-)
    Sometimes there are situations when we “know” something is “true” and it turns out that either we did not have all the facts or we misinterpreted something in the situation. It is horrifying to find out such a mistake and know we have hurt someone unintentionally, but if we have said something harmful about another and others have repeated it then the poison is spread. God help us guard our lips.
    “Forgive us this day as we forgive those who trespass against us”

  8. Sheila McGee

    Thanks Rose, great tips and hopefully I can put them into practice.