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Meet Anne Ciskanik, Virtue Connection’s new intern!

Anne star

Anne’s a recent Christendom College graduate who also works at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square PA and with the family business, Emmanuel Books. I asked Anne to share her take on where she finds modest fashion, and why it matters. Now, my sole fashion tip is to wear knit shirts backwards if the neckline is so low people can see my belly button when I bend over. I put a cardigan or suit coat over the backward shirt and nobody suspects! But if I have to do that, maybe I’m shopping in the wrong place. Anne comes to the rescue with places to look for modest clothes that you want to wear. Thanks, Anne, for helping with VC’s Facebook page (@VirtueConnection) and for being our first guest blogger! You are a star!

Rose Folsom


Beauty in gowns. Anne with her college roommate and their sisters

SINCE WE ARE BOTH physical and spiritual beings, chastity deals with our sexuality in terms of both our body and soul. Through this virtue, we recognize our bodies and our sexuality as a good thing, but also acknowledge that we are living temple of the Holy Spirit. Our physical bodies must be in harmony with our immaterial soul. Covering ourselves is not an act of shame but rather a veil, hinting at the mystery that lies beneath. Modesty allows us to celebrate our inner as well as outer beauty. We live out this virtue in our words, thoughts, and actions.

One way that chastity is lived out, especially for women, is in the way we dress and in how we present ourselves. I was very blessed to have attended Christendom College for four years, which among other wonderful things has a dress code. Yes, we may have grumbled about it sometimes, but it helped us cultivate respect towards our fellow students and towards ourselves.

It helped me practice modest dressing, a rare skill in today’s society. Now that I have graduated, I put more thought into what I shop for and wear, and have found a freedom in dressing modestly. It allows me to show my femininity and personal style, while remaining true to myself as a child of God, with an inherent dignity.

It really helps to have a network of strong women in your life to support you as you strive for chastity, and I am blessed to have such a group of women, especially my mom, my sisters, and my Christendom friends. Modesty may not be trendy, but it can still be fashionable!

Self rescuing princess Anne and friend Therese swap outfits on “twin day.” Anne says, “I can’t take credit for Therese’s awesome ‘Self-Rescuing Princess’ T-shirt that I’m wearing here!”

So where do I shop? Lands’ End and dressbarn carry modest and cute clothing. I also found Pinterest to be helpful in coming up with fashion ideas. For example, the board Style Me Modest ( has a ton of ideas for modest outfits in all different styles.  Another board I liked was simply called Modest ( These boards allow me to save pins that reflect my own personal style, as well as explore exciting new fashion trends.

There are also some great blogs out there, written by women, including one of my best friends from college, Monica at She provides fashion tips, insights into her own personal style, and she even interviewed some of our Christendom friends on her blog. I just love how she shows the beauty in many different body shapes and personal styles, giving Yours Truly a well-rounded perspective on fashion.

Another blog I especially like is, which focuses on vintage and modest fashion. Her fashion posts are delightful, and additionally she has categories such as Beauty and Lifestyle. Please let me know if there are any blogs or websites you especially like and find helpful in your journey towards chastity. God bless!

Anne Ciskanik
Christendom College ’16 and Virtue Connection intern


4 Responses to “Beauty Inside and Out”

  1. Heather Bress

    Hi Rose (and Anne). I recently discovered mock camisoles, little triangles of fabric that snap to your bra straps and get tucked down into your shirt. I bought the “Snappy Cami” version from Amazon. It is SO much easier to shop now – I can’t tell you how many shirts I passed up before because of too-low v-necks. They come in different colors, with and without lace.

      • joni

        Hi Sis, I solved that problem with a fruit of the loom spaghetti strap all stretch bra with a lace panel perfectly placed above the cleavage. I got mine in a three pack black, white and pink. I think at Target. They are so light and comfy I can’t even tell I have it on. I no longer have to safety pin about 5 of my favorite blouses. Check them out, hope they work for you. Love, Joni


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