Sep 19, 2020 filed under Living Virtue.

late summer flowers

Hello friend!
Come with me to Brookside Gardens to catch the last of the late summer flowers. And enjoy some wise words of St. Francis de Sales.

Love always,

16 Responses to “Flowers, Bees, and St. Francis de Sales”

  1. Linda Hartzell

    Beautiful, Rose.
    Thank you for sharing one of your mornings.
    What a wonderful way to start the day.

  2. Janet

    Thank you Rose! Enjoyed immensely the gorgeous flowers and the beauty of the beach! Beautiful way to start my day!
    Peace & joy!

  3. Rita

    I grew up in Ireland ,my walk to school every day I could walk through the park at and walk by the beautiful flowers and come out near my school. it’s a great joy to see your video and it brought back some sweet memories thank you

  4. Joyce Miles

    A good video to start my day with Inspiring words and beautiful Flowers.Brookside garden is where I drove my seniors for scenic ride.
    Praise Him
    Bless Day Rose

  5. Tom Roberts

    When I heard the passages from St Francis de Sales I thought of Matthew 6 where Jesus talks about almsgiving and prayer. There is a power in almsgiving and prayer when it is secret; known only to me and God. And when I give to another I am only giving what was given to me. When I do that it connects with what Father Randy Timmerman told me 20 years ago when I was a New Catholic: “Get your identity straight, your mission straight.”

    By the way: Nice flowers, nice bees!

  6. Margaret

    Thank you again dear Rose, lovely presentation.
    There is a free Kindle book on Amazon, The Spirit of St. Francis de Sales that is very nice by Camus. Here is a quote from it:
    “Look at this good soul, she gives a cup of cold water to the thirsty with such holy love that it is changed into the water of life, life eternal. The Gospel which makes light of the weightiest sums cast into the treasury, reckons of the highest value two mites offered out of a great and fervent love.”[2]
    “These little homely virtues! How seldom is mention made of them! How lightly they are esteemed!

  7. Diane Isabelle

    Thanks, Rose! Enjoyed the sentiments from St. Francis, the posies, the tweets from the birds, and the busy bees.