5-Day Path to Patience Course

Discover the ways patience will improve your life by watching this short video. Enjoy! Rose  

Path to Patience

Discover Your Personally Crafted Path to Patience For Your Toughest Situations

During The Path to Patience You'll Discover:

  • What Patience Is
  • Obstacles to Patience
  • Top Reason to be Patient
  • Tools to Build New Habits
  • How to Make New Habits Stick

With This Course You Will Receive ALL 5 Videos 

PLUS The Path to Patience Worksheet and Access to The Private Facebook Group!

This private group is set up so you can share ideas, ask questions, and be inspired among friends to continue your path to patience.

Purchase The Path to Patience Course PLUS The Worksheet and Private Facebook Group Today for Only $47

Here's What People Are Saying About The Course

Great to know that I can learn to have patience!" -- Mary Jane

I now have tools to deal with things in my life that make me impatient. -- Pat

The process of creating a plan was helpful. -- Mary Ann

Inspires me not to be petty with minor irritations. -- Debbie

This will help me to progress in my relationships. -- Cathy

I now realize the reasons I don't have patience. -- Betty

I can now hone my patience by looking at situations differently. -- Rosemary

I see there are things I can do to make my life (and consequently others) happier -- a step-by-step process. -- Sandy

Purchase The Path to Patience Course PLUS The Worksheet Today for Only $47!

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