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What people are saying about recent Virtue Connection events

March 31, 2017
Lenten Day of Reflection
Greensboro (North Carolina) Area Council of Catholic Women

“Thank you for a wonderful presentation of ideas that can help me in my spiritual and daily life.” – Mary N.

“Powerful and informative.” — (name withheld)

“Thanks so very much for all the Wisdom, God’s Wisdom, that you taught and shared with us. This is the best retreat and I have been to a lot of retreats.” – Mary F.

Very inspirational. Just what I needed! – Barbara

See a video of the first few minutes of this presentation below!

July 17, 2016
Lay Fraternaties of St. Dominic,
Dominican House of Studies, Washington, DC
“Human Mercy”
A guided discussion of Chapter One of Mercy: A Bible Study Guide for Catholics 

“I enjoyed very much your presentation on Sunday. You have a great ability to present your subject in a thought-provoking way and it helped us to do some good soul searching and interact with each other. I loved your style!” — Alice J.

July 8-9, 2016
The Catholic University of America
National conference: “Hope, Help, and Healing: A Catholic Response to Domestic Abuse and Violence”
“How to Teach People Who are Hurting to Recognize Their Dignity as Children of God.”

“Thank you for this talk! I loved how you connect the virtues with our human dignity.” — Ana F.
“Good reflection on practical ways to help others.” — Libby D.
“I appreciated your calm, quiet style with time to reflect.” — Timothy D.

Saturday, February 27, 2016
2016 Archdiocesan Women’s Conference: Divine Mercy in Prayer and Action
Bladensburg, MD
“A Sinner’s Guide to Mercy”

“You helped me slow down, get to that quiet place, and reflect about what I was learning so I can put it into words and, most important, into action.” — C.B.
“It was a great presentation. You brought out the joy of mercy.” — C.D.

February 14 — March 6, 2016
The Bring Christ’s Teaching into Your Daily Life Bootcamp
4-week live webinar series on what the virtues are, why they are important, and how to remove obstacles to God’s grace to grow in virtue.

“I watched a TV series on the Virtues, but your course was much better. You’re ready for prime time!” — D.V.

October 24, 2015
St. Edmond Catholic Church, Rehoboth Beach DE
The Virtue-Happiness Connection
“My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on Saturday. You have a gift for teaching and a wonderful way of presenting your material. You left us both wanting more!” — Anthea P.

September 16 – October 21, 2015
The Virtues: 7 Everyday Tools That Connect You With God
6-week workshop held in Silver Spring MD.

Some student comments:

“Your presentations have a clarity that has been transformative for me.” — M.P.

“The course is straightening stuff out in my head. I’ve read a lot of spiritual things, but you have helped me put all that information into order so I can practice it better.” — J.D.

“You make virtue accessible and comforting. Virtue is not just about my defects — it’s all about the possibilities! Thank you, Rose.” — J.S.

June 7, 2015 — St. Andrew’s Women’s Group
Loving as Jesus Loves
“I look forward to going deeper into this at your seminar in the fall.”

March 25, 2015 — Msgr. Wells Council, Knights of Columbus, Silver Spring MD
The Virtue of KOC’s Core Principles
“I’ve been a Knight for 25 years and never heard how our principles relate to the virtues.”
“Thank you, Rose. It was a great, enriching talk.”

February 8, 2015 — St. Andrew Women’s Group, Silver Spring MD
I Want To Know What Love Is
“Thank you, Rose! I came away with tools that will really help me.” — Carol C.

September 24, 2014 — Rotary Club of Lake Ridge, Virginia
The Rotarian Four Way Test and the Virtue of Justice

“Thank you, Rose, for a wonderful talk. Hearing how the classical virtues are mirrored in Rotary’s ‘Four Way Test’ gave us an invigorated and much deeper understanding of [our mission].”

— Tom Kreutzer, Charter President