What is Justice?

Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due. Prov. 3:27

Justice means giving everyone his due and not taking what belongs to another. The Ten Commandments are about justice: put God first in your life, do not act unjustly to yourself or others; in fact, don’t even think about acting unjustly because if you’re not thinking about it, you’re not likely to do it!

Below are two of the virtues associated with Justice.

The right balance = Honoring God above all things so that we align ourselves with the Truth, who is Love. If we do this, we’re giving Him due worship as Creator of the universe. Remembering to thank him for the good things in our life, such as our loved ones, is a way of honoring Him.
Too little = Honoring created things above God (idolatry), which includes taking too much credit for the talents He has given us.
Too much = One cannot honor God “too much,” but an example of perverting this honor would be a parent who is at church praying when he or she has an unattended sick child at home.

The right balance = Your words reflect reality.
Too little = You believe one thing but say something else (lying).
Too much = Expressing what is true in an inappropriate situation, such as gossiping, which is against justice because it robs another of his good reputation. Gossiping is called “calumny” if it is untrue and “detraction” if the gossip is true. Both are destructive unless you have a good reason.