Apr 13, 2023 filed under Gratitude, Hope, Joy, Living Virtue, Trust.

He is risen indeed! Heaven and earth rejoice.

To help you rejoice, I made a very special 5-min video of my flower photos set to the ethereal voice of soprano Nancy Scimone performing her composition of Psalm 84, “In the Loveliness.” Enjoy!

Wishing you a blessed Eastertide.

Love always,

29 Responses to “Spring flowers and heavenly music”

  1. Kathleen O'REILLY

    So soft and lovely….both the music 🎢 and flowers. Absolutely exquisite beauty only our dear Lord could create. Thank you Rose for this beautiful gift. Many blessings always!❀️

  2. Dr Carmel Fernandopulle

    Happy Easter to you.
    Thanks for sharing this lovely video, enjoyed it much.
    God bless and guide you always.

  3. Fran Cubelo

    Beautiful way to start my Devine Mercy Sunday celebration! Thanks, Rose

  4. Susan Buchheit

    Wow – this is so beautiful and moving. The flowers πŸ’ lovely and if this is your garden you have done a spectacular job and have quite the green thumb. Fantastic offering of beauty to our Lord. AMEN
    Thank you for my morning wake up to the spirt.

  5. Beverly

    Thank you Rose for the video. It is absolutely gorgeous. The flowers and music are awesome.

    Blessings to you too!

  6. Cindy

    Thank you, Rose! I always enjoy your flower videos! Have a blessed Divine Mercy Sunday!

  7. Bernadette M Gress-Masi

    Thank-you for sharing the joy of God’s Divine mercy , love and forgiveness with us all!!! Many blessings to you, dear Rose…..

  8. Jane Schmidt

    The voice of an Angel! Flowers from heaven.β™₯οΈπŸ™

  9. Etoile de Hawkins

    Thanking God for you and all that you do, so inspiring, to bring Him into our lives. Just beautiful. God bless you and yours always.

  10. PATRICIA Ann Mignone

    This is so beautiful. I love Divine Mercy Sunday and l love St. Faustina. I prayed to her so much in my darkest days. Have a Blessed day. And thank you so much.

  11. Alice M Angelo

    Thank you for sharing these exquisite examples of God’s gifts to us- Rose’s beautiful vision, Nancy’s beautiful voice, and the vibrant, abundant flowers.

  12. Tom Roberts

    Beautiful! I have A tulip popping up; that’s a start.

  13. Jenean Jones

    In the loveliness of God, on this Divine Mercy Sunday, May each of us dwell richly. Rest in the merciful Lord. Thank you, Rose for the visual and auditory accompaniment today. Gift of your talents. Gift of God!

  14. Lucy Edwards

    Thank you Rose for these beautiful roses. I truly enjoy looking at them several times a day.
    Have a Blessed Sunday.

  15. Marcia Dustin

    That was so beautiful, Rose! Thank you and God bless you!

  16. Suzanne Landis

    Spring, the season of renewed life and Resurrection, is my favorite season. This video with the lovely music captures the joy and hope of God’s care for his world — and for us!

  17. Diane Isabelle

    Super video, Rose! Lovely music and lovely posies, especially those Virginia bluebells.

  18. Esther

    So beautiful, Rose. Praise God in all of His marvelous works.
    Thanks for sharing the joy!