Dec 9, 2023 filed under Faith, Patience.

portrait stressed sad young woman sitting outdoors on summer day in park

Greetings Friend,

In this second week of Advent, I’m drawn to meditate on the “waiting” aspects of Advent — the beautiful emptiness we can feel as we wait for the one who will fill us to overflowing.

The striking words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer captured my imagination and I share them with you in a 3-minute video. I hope it helps you ponder just Whom we are awaiting during this season of holy anticipation.

Love always,

8 Responses to “Finding God as We Wait”

  1. Patricia

    Thank you for your message. For me,Advent is a time to reflect on the year, thank the Lord for all he has done and accept His challenges to become a better version of myself with His help

  2. Susie Melkus

    Beautiful reflection for this 2nd week of Advent, Rose. Thank you.

  3. Jenean Jones

    Blessings Rose, and thank you. Humility. Wait for the Lord…

  4. Lucy Edwards

    Thank You Rose, beautiful inspiring reflection of second Advent awaiting.