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I led a Lenten retreat last week. Thirteen spirit-filled women gathered at St. Damiano Spiritual Life Center in White Post, Virginia. I was asked to offer meditations on the theme of “Doorways.”

Our life is connected to so many doorways: big doorways to life and death, or to a new season in  life; doors that open and close to friendships over the years — and the little doorways we pass through with our day-to-day choices.

Of all our doorways, the most important is the one to our heart. The one Jesus is knocking on in Revelation 3:20. ““Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will enter his house and dine with him, and he with me.”

So many things knock on the door of our heart! Will we listen for his distinctive knock? It’s usually not the loudest one we hear. Will we hear and respond to it?
There are two reasons the door to our heart is the most important of all.
The first is that what we open our heart to informs all the other doors we’re likely to open or close. Letting Jesus inhabit our heart is the best way to ensure that our other choices are building up the Kingdom in our souls, in our relationships, and in the world.
The second reason why the door to our heart is most important is that we become what we love.

We are, in a way, transformed into what we invite into our hearts.

I invite you to ponder what things you let into your heart. And how you have been changed by those things. How you have, in a way, become what you let through that door, especially the times when you let in the light.

We, like Jesus in his humanity, need a close connection with the Father to recognize and grow in our love for his light. As a coach and spiritual director, I would love to offer you a free call to find out what your next best step is for that closer connection (whether it’s working with me in one of my programs or working with someone else).

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