Welcome to Virtue Connection

About Rose Folsom and Virtue Connection

Welcome – I’m glad you’re here! I hope Virtue Connection will become your favorite hub for info about how to live the virtues and a constant source of inspiration and knowledge. We’ll laugh about our own foibles while we’re learning how to remedy them. My wish for you is to experience the freedom and joy that come from learning about and practicing the virtues.

I try my best, but I still make mistakes. I say the wrong thing at the wrong time. I am sometimes selfish when generosity is called for. Sound familiar? I started studying the virtues years ago, when I was looking for more harmony in my life. Through them, I got an idea of how I could do the right thing more often. That gave me more confidence and happiness – and less conflict, both inside me and outside in my relationships.

We’re all human and we all need help being as happy as possible in this unpredictable world. The virtues, which were passed down to us from ancient Greece and expanded, through Christ, by St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, and others, are still useful “power tools” today.

I’m excited about the Virtue Connection because it enables me to connect you with knowledge of the virtues that have helped me and millions of others to be more centered, confident, and happy. Beyond happy – joyful in the deepest part of us, even when a co-worker is driving you crazy or your car gets a flat tire on a rainy day.

Knowledge of the virtue-happiness connection goes back thousands of years. The Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote about in the 4th century BC and people have been finding ever since that it’s true! The virtues make happiness possible and true happiness is not possible without the virtues.

I’ve worked as a nanny, stock girl, sales clerk, model, greeting card designer, magazine editor, graphic artist, calligrapher, baker, teacher, exhibit curator, office manager, and author. Along the way, I learned that inventing my own moral framework often leads to needless conflict and disappointment. But living according to the tried-and-true virtues leads to confidence and inner calm. Hmmm….conflict or peace. Are you kidding? Now that I’ve found a way to “keep the peace,” I plan to stay here as much as possible! I can’t wait to share with you more of what I’ve found, because the virtues are for everyone.

The Virtue Connection explores what the virtues are, what happiness is, and how real people have increased their happiness by practicing the virtues. Let’s go exploring together!