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Hi, I’m Rose Folsom. As a coach, speaker, author, and retreat leader, I’ve helped more than 9,000 Catholics develop a closer connection with God — even if their prayer life has become stale and empty lately. Building a vibrant prayer life is a skill that anyone can learn in 5 simple steps.

How I got here

Raised a Presbyterian and married in the Lutheran church, I needed superhuman strength on that February day in 1990 to walk into the Dominican seminary in Washington DC to request a Catholic priest as spiritual director.

I felt something like a strong wind trying to blow me back across the street and prevent me from going in, even though it was a clear, sunny day. I had an overwhelming fear (I can laugh at about now) that the first holy priest who spotted me inside that sacred place would cover his eyes and yell, “Sin has entered! Run for your lives!”

But it didn’t happen that way. I was met by a young deacon who seemed like Jesus himself in his kindness and openness to listen. He saw me as a beloved daughter of God. Starting at that moment, I began to learn to see myself that way, too.

Yes, my heart had recently “crossed the Tiber,” that is, fallen in love with the Catholic Church after reading Story of a Soul by St. Therese of Lisieux.

But really — ME? CATHOLIC?

Nine months later, on November 15, 1990, Mother Church gave birth to a new baby girl. As I was received into her arms, I felt in a new and powerful way that I had come home.

A year later I attended my first Lay Dominican meeting and became a permanent member of the Dominican Order as a married laywoman. And I get more excited about the faith every day and love walking with others to help them grow in their faith, which always starts with a great prayer life.

What I learned

On entering the Church, I dived right into learning more about it. Attending a 5-year study group by a Dominican priest on the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas gave me solid grounding.

And guess what! One-third of the five volumes of the Summa, that is 800 pages, are on the virtues!

Virtues are strengths of soul like patience, forgiveness, and prayerfulness that make us more like Jesus (which is the whole point of our faith, right?). Now I felt even more at home. Knowing exactly what the virtues are (and learning to look out for the opposite vices) and how to practice the virtues for a more peaceful and confident life was thrilling after so many years of “making it up as I went along.”

How you can benefit

In 2014, I realized that sharing tried-and-true practical ways for people like you and me to be more like Jesus was pure gold, and I needed to share it with you.

I began sending an email message every Sunday about growing in virtue, then started giving talks, workshops, and retreats. I help women get clear on ways that work for them to get closer to God so they will have more peace in their lives and more confidence that they’re on-track with God.

The best way to make spiritual progress

I’ve discovered with my clients and in my own spiritual life that PRAYER is the key element to having a deeper connection with God. Sounds obvious, right? But so many Catholics get discouraged when their prayer life feels stale and empty. And they’re not even sure if they’re doing it right!

I get it – I’ve been there, too.

After hundreds of hours delving into writings of the saints and Catholic spiritual masters and road-testing the things that worked for them to keep their connection with God vital (even through distractions and periods of dryness), I’ve discovered that a close connection with God is a skill that anyone can learn!

You can pray like a saint

With the 5 simple steps of my SAINTLY Connection, you can build a sustained habit of prayer that’s customized to the way you most easily and joyfully connect with God. You’ll align your expectations with those of the saints, so you’re no longer disappointed or discouraged in prayer:

S – Seek God: why scripture and the saints say prayer is “the one thing necessary” to connect with God and become the saint he created you to be. 
 – Attain consistency: simple, practical ways to set yourself up for success. 
 – Incinerate obstacles and distractions: ways to stay focused no matter what.              

N – Ninja tips to stay inspired.
 – Take it to the next level: 3 essential ways to sustain a lifetime of vibrant prayer.
 – Love your new feeling of deep engagement with God. 
 – Yes! to the peace and confidence of a closer personal relationship with Jesus.

My clients tell me “I see changes already!” and “Getting beyond distractions has helped me get more out of my prayer time.” A Deacon said, “This would be helpful for anyone in any stage of their prayer life, from new converts to priests.”

I would love to help you Pray Like a Saint. Click here and let’s talk!

Know that you are in my prayers every day. Please pray for me, too!

Love always,  Rose