Welcome to the Audio Bonuses for Revive Your Catholic Prayer Life course.

BONUS 1: 5 audio meditations
It can be hard to focus sometimes, and a short audio meditation can help get you into the “prayer zone” and shift your focus to God. You can either listen to the audio files on this page by clicking the Forward or Backward arrows above, or download any or all files by clicking the three white dots by each file and then clicking the “download” icon that appears.

BONUS 2: 6 powerful quotations on prayer and the spiritual life
Three quotations from the book He and I (Jesus’ words to Gabrielle Bossis), Pauline Books and Media, 2013; and three women quoted in A Year With the Mystics by Kathryn Jean Lopez, Saint Benedict Press, 2019.

I pray that these inspiring words are blessing to you.

❤️ Rose