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Check out these “virtuoso” events!

I’m offering a four-part group program
via LIVE ONLINE webinars

February 14 — March 6, 2016
Sunday evenings 7:30-9:30

Please join us for evenings of discovery and community:

The “Tidy Up Your Messy Relationships” Boot Camp:
Claim Your Road Map to Putting God’s Love into Action Every Day

In four weeks, you will:
– understand what the virtues are and why they free you from unloving habits in your relationship with God, yourself, and others
– discover which virtues apply to the areas in which you are “stuck”
– know the tools that enable you put those virtues into practice to tidy up your relationships forever
– have experienced victories in allowing the Holy Spirit to act in you in new ways, even in difficult situations

Only 10 participants will be accepted for this first series — we would love you to be one of them!
Tuition: $147 / Sign up by February 5 for the Early Bird Special! $77 for four weeks

We’re keeping the number of attendees and the tuition low because it’s our first time doing a webinar series. The gift of your feedback will help us make the next webinars even better!

You’ll attend the series from your home, hotel room, or wherever you are! And no worries about your computer — this is easy as can be and we’ll answer any questions before we start.
Email rose(at)virtueconnection.com to claim your spot or for more information.
If you would like to grab one of the 10 slots, and we hope you will, you’ll get a payment link to lock in your spot for this prayerful and practical workshop that will change forever the way you interact with God, yourself, family, friends, and co-workers. You will love it!

Not sure whether this is for you? Here’s what participants in the live workshop last fall said:

“The course is a faithful intersection of new learning, reflection, and prayer. Our time together is an uplifting oasis in my day, in my whole week!” — F.M.
“There is such a depth to what we covered, which I can use to help guide my children and grandchildren.” — S.C.
“Living the virtues help us understand who God wants us to be. I have more confidence that I walk with the Lord.” — M.P.
“This workshop was a huge gift for me. Your presentation was amazing. It stirred so many wonderful instances of grace.” — J.D.

Saturday, February 27, 2016 / 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

2016 Annual Women’s Conference
“Divine Mercy in Prayer and Action”

Sponsored by the Office of Family Life and the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women https://adw.org/womensconference/

Rose’s presentation is entitled “A Sinner’s Guide to Mercy.”
You’ll discover what mercy really is and develop a greater hunger for it. You’ll go home with solid tips for freeing yourself up to receive and offer mercy in abundance. And we’ll have fun along the way!

Pope Francis has declared a Jubilee Year of Mercy beginning on December 8, 2015. In honor of the Year of Mercy, the conference will explore this powerful virtue. The one-day conference will be at:

Elizabeth Seton High School
5715 Emerson Street
Bladensburg, MD 20710 (just outside the Washington, DC, beltway)

The conference costs $40 and includes great speakers, great exhibitors, and lunch. A whole day to pray, celebrate, learn about and talk about God — with no cooking or cleaning! This is a very special chance to nourish your soul and mind.

Seating is limited. Learn more about the speakers and agenda, and sign up now at:

April 2016
The Virtues: 7 Everyday Tools That Connect You With God
8-week “live online” seminar scheduled for Sunday nights starting in March or April.
Details coming soon!

What people are saying about recent Virtue Connection events

October 24, 2015
St. Edmond Catholic Church, Rehoboth Beach DE
The Virtue-Happiness Connection
“My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on Saturday. You have a gift for teaching and a wonderful way of presenting your material. You left us both wanting more!” — Anthea P.

September 16 – October 21, 2015
The Virtues: 7 Everyday Tools That Connect You With God
6-week workshop held in Silver Spring MD.

Some student comments:

“Your presentations have a clarity that has been transformative for me.” — M.P.

“The course is straightening stuff out in my head. I’ve read a lot of spiritual things, but you have helped me put all that information into order so I can practice it better.” — J.D.

“You make virtue accessible and comforting. Virtue is not just about my defects — it’s all about the possibilities! Thank you, Rose.” — J.S.

June 7, 2015 — St. Andrew’s Women’s Group
Loving as Jesus Loves
“I look forward to going deeper into this at your seminar in the fall.”

March 25, 2015 — Msgr. Wells Council, Knights of Columbus, Silver Spring MD
The Virtue of KOC’s Core Principles
“I’ve been a Knight for 25 years and never heard how our principles relate to the virtues.”
“Thank you, Rose. It was a great, enriching talk.”

February 8, 2015 — St. Andrew Women’s Group, Silver Spring MD
I Want To Know What Love Is
“Thank you, Rose! I came away with tools that will really help me.”
Carol C.

September 24, 2014 — Rotary Club of Lake Ridge, Virginia
The Rotarian Four Way Test and the Virtue of Justice

“Thank you, Rose, for a wonderful talk. Hearing how the classical virtues are mirrored in Rotary’s ‘Four Way Test’ gave us an invigorated and much deeper understanding of [our mission].”

Tom Kreutzer
Charter President

November 23, 2014 — St. Andrew Women’s Group, Silver Spring MD
Why Do We Need Virtue?
“Thanks for your talk tonight at Women’s Group.  It was awesome – I hadn’t even known what the seven virtues were! Can’t wait to hear it again.”
Theresa C.

My first writeup!

3.23.15 Cath Standard for web
Zoey Di Mauro interviewed me at a women’s conference this spring. Read all about it!



September 19, 2015 – February 15, 2016
Explore the 11 galleries of art and history in an exhibit entitled

Vatican Splendors


The Franklin Institute science museum is located in Center City Philadelphia, PA, at the intersection of 20th Street and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The museum’s parking garage entrance is located behind the building at the intersection of 21st Street and Winter Street.

The GPS address of the parking garage entrance is:
271 North 21st Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Adult ticket price: $34.95 for entrance to exhibit and museum

Experience 2,000 years of Vatican history at The Franklin Institute. See more than 200 works of art and historically significant objects that together form a great mosaic of the history of the Roman Catholic Church and its impact on art, history, and culture. From the sights and sounds of the grand Basilica to a touchable cast of Saint John Paul II’s hand, embark on a journey through the ages of artistic expression and religious iconography.

Discover a representation of Saint Peter’s tomb as it appeared in 160 AD. The original tomb is located beneath the Vatican Grottoes. The altar of the Basilica of Saint Peter is located over this site. The tomb provides insight into Emperor Constantine’s declaration in 312 AD that Christianity would be legal and Roman Christians no longer had to practice their faith in secret. At this point in history, Christian art began to flourish.

St. Peter tomb