Virtue is for Everyone

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Virtue is for everyone — even this non-praying mantis. In the cartoon, he is exhibiting the virtue of honesty, and even humility…

When Happiness Isn’t

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A performance of Handel’s Messiah lasts two hours. Toward the middle, a line grabs your heart and squeezes hard: “He is despised and rejected…

It’s Time

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As Christmas moves on toward the New Year, I’m thinking about the life I’ve been imagining for 2015 and beyond. It looks…

Loud and Clear

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Listening is not a virtue, but it’s a great skill for picking up on what has helped others grow in virtue. Listening…

For Grownups Only

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love is for grownups

Love is the final virtue of the seven. It’s the biggest. It’s the baddest. It contains and gives meaning to all the…

Anchors Aweigh!

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Hope as Virtue- Inspirational Speaker about Hope

A sign in my neighborhood reads, “Hope Anchors the Soul.” The anchor has been a symbol of hope for centuries, but I…

Got Virtue?

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Sunflower now on blue sky

We’re all human and we all need help being as happy as possible in this unpredictable world. The virtues, which were passed…

One New Thing a Day

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Eleanor Roosevelt said that doing one thing every day that we are afraid to do will make us stronger. Here’s some inspiration for…