May 29, 2021 filed under Joy.

Little girl feeling joy


Can you use a little more joy in your daily life? Me, too.

Joy is a fruit of Love — which means that the more we love God, the more joyful we are, no matter what else is going on.

So how does that work? Tune into my talk Friday, June 11th at the “Mission of JOY” virtual summit and find out! Click to register:

And please share this with friends who’d like a chance to see their choice of over 30 amazing Catholic speakers on how to cultivate the lasting joy that the world cannot give.

The free JOY Summit is a great way to make ordinary time not-so-ordinary — hope to “see you” there, friend!

Your sister in Christ,
❤️ Rose Folsom

“All the envy and arrogance and impatience and despair is just a lie from the devil trying to rob you of your birthright: the unceasing, wild, reckless, joyful, fierce, tender, beautiful love of God.”  Meg Hunter-Kilmer

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