Feb 7, 2016 filed under Prudence.

prudence in deciding

My friend Dave’s sister died last week. But instead of travelling to Tennessee for the funeral, he stayed home. This was his dilemma: if he went, he’d get to see his large family and bury his sister, but if he stayed, he’d be a comfort to another sister who’s disabled and can’t travel.

Prudence is about choosing the best action and then doing it. Prudence is about stepping back, looking at all the factors, and choosing the greater love no matter the cost. Dave did what he always does when he has “two good options” to choose from — he prayed about it, asking God to let him know the best choice.

He said he felt a great peace come over him when he gave up the idea of going to be with the family, so he knew staying was the right thing. Even though it meant giving up something he really wanted.

All the virtues are aspects of love. Loving means we don’t always get what we want, but we’ll always find a deep peace when we’re doing things God’s way. Way to go, Dave.

Love always,

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