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It’s impossible to grasp how glorious we are in Christ (divinized in our human way, says St. Peter!) AND to realize at the same time that we’re nothing in ourselves without Christ.

This can be especially hard at work, when there are times we have to toot our own horn and present ourselves as the competent professionals we are.

Because pride is an issue for everyone (you should have heard my last Confession), here are three pride-busting truths to ponder in the light of God’s infinite love and mercy:

I am nothing.
It’s hard to keep in mind how true it is that we can do no eternal good in and by ourselves. God is the only source of inspiration for all our good thoughts, words, and accomplishments as we build up the kingdom while we build our career or business.
Prayer: Lord, let me confess my entire dependence on you for my goodness and all the good that I do at work and at home. I need you every moment. Thank you for the inspiration of your Holy Spirit, who helps me be more like you.
I have nothing.
Everything I have — talent, skill, experience, family, and my work — are gifts from God to help me get closer to him and to help others get to heaven.
Prayer: Thank you for all the things you have given me, God, that I too often take credit for myself. Thank you for calling me to collaborate with you in building up your kingdom, to get to heaven, and bring as many others with me as you desire.
I need nothing.
There’s nothing I have, including my earthly life, that can’t be taken from me in the next moment. God has given me exactly what I need right now, no more and no less, to fulfill my purpose in him today.
Prayer: Lord, let me rejoice in what I have, realizing that everything is a gift from you. Help me be grateful for what I lack, because if I do not have it, I know I don’t need it today. May God be praised in what he gives and what he takes away.

We can wonder how to make that kind of humility part of who we are. Well, the answer is a prayer life that really connects us with God.

But do we get snagged by not finding the time or get frustrated when our mind is in 49 places at once when we sit down to pray?

Everyone is tempted like that. And anyone can learn the simple ways around any obstacle that keeps us from the confidence that God’s got our back.

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You have my prayers that God will continue to richly bless you this Lent. It’s all about getting closer to him!  🕊️

❤ Rose

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