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Woman reading bible at seashore.

Doing spiritual reading for Lent? I came across a way to get more out of it in Overcoming Spiritual Discouragement by Fr. Timothy Gallagher, OMV.

He gives 4 steps for spiritual reading:
1. Begin the reading by raising our heart to God.
2. Ask God for an attentive heart to deeply understand what we read.
3. Read without hurry, pausing the let the words sink in.
4. “Never finish the reading without some holy resolution.”

They’re all great, but the last one struck me as being especially valuable during Lent.

One way to do it is the put the resolutions in a journal — to remind ourselves what we promised. A resolution could be “I will listen more attentively to my husband” or “I will pray the daily offering every morning as my feet hit the floor” or “I will fast on Fridays in Lent.”

Whatever the reading prompts you to resolve, it’s the Holy Spirit speaking directly to you about how to be more like Jesus. What a gift! 🎁

A virtue that helps us be open to inspiration is humility. And guess what! In my Virtue Circle membership club, we’re spending the month of February learning what humility is and how to practice it in real life. Click here to learn more.

You have my prayers that God will shower his richest graces on you and yours this Lent and always!

❤ Rose

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