Aug 25, 2018 filed under Living Virtue.

flowers in garden

It’s August and we like to think we’re taking it easy, even if our work schedule continues as usual. Take a mini-vacation with me — a little meditation with butterflies floating in my summer garden! Enjoy!

Love always,

13 Responses to “A Few Quiet Moments in My Garden”

  1. Tom Roberts

    A peaceful reminder that I do have a place to go when starting my day. My garden is the 6:30am Mass. there I find the best plantings

  2. Sr. Mary Grace Thul

    Dear Rose,
    Yes, just what I needed today, just having sat with Gina looking out the window as the tree branhes were dancing to the music I was hearing on my IPod. Thank you. Loved TR’s comment.

  3. Tom

    Rose – God’s gifts to us in His creation are always amazing when one slows
    down to see them. One cannot doubt His love. Thank you!


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