Mar 3, 2023 filed under Hope, Joy.

Joy seeing a Robin in Lent

I have the privilege of leading the meditations at a women’s retreat each year in the beautiful, spacious surroundings at St. Damiano retreat center near Front Royal, Virginia. The upcoming retreat is Tues Mar 14 to Thurs Mar 16. More info at

Here’s a 2-minute video I made at a previous St. Damiano retreat to accompany some uplifting wisdom of St. Ambrose.

Love always,

5 Responses to “A Little Lenten Joy”

  1. barb


    Thank you again for all you do .. sharing with all of us in so many ways.
    It helps me.. appreciate prayers for my son Jeff too!

  2. Beverly

    Thank you Rose for the beautiful video. Someday I hope to join you on a retreat!

  3. Sharon Witzell

    Thank you Rose. I love this and how you always share the peacefulness and the beauty of nature with your prayers.

  4. Tom Roberts

    It’s on my weekly calendar: Eucharistic adoration, contemplative prayer, Lectio divina just like some guys show up for league bowling. It works; quiet contemplation, no missed pins, no frustrations, no letting my team down,

  5. Lucy Edwards

    Thank you so much Rose. I truly enjoyed the videos, the inspiring beauty and the meaning. Thank you for sharing this great, appreciation of nature.