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My uncle John called his late mother-in-law “Rosebud” (her name was Rose). Entering the room with a big smile, he’d call out, “How ya doin’ Rosebud?” She would beam at the tenderness of that name and the love that came with it.

I snapped this photo of rosebuds because they made me think of the difference between how we see ourselves and how God sees us.

A rosebud is beautiful in its potential to become a big red rose someday. But it’s not there yet. When we look at ourselves, we sometimes see only our faults, our sins, our flaws. All those parts that we hope will bloom into virtue someday…..but we’re not there yet.

But God sees the rose. God is outside of time and sees us as we will be in heaven – when we have reached our full potential – in glory.

No one would pick a bouquet of rosebuds. But we like to mix them in with the flowers because anticipating the future blossoms adds to the beauty of a bouquet.

Our own “rosebuds” don’t need to discourage us. If we’re keeping close to the source of all flourishing, Jesus, in prayer, Reconciliation, and in the Mass, we can afford to see our flaws as so many buds that are poised to burst into bloom — in God’s time.

Love always,

6 Responses to “Fellow Rosebuds, Unite!”

  1. Marti Otten

    Very beautifully said…
    Rosebudding forth your temple…

  2. Tom Roberts

    When I read “Fellow Rosebuds, Unite!” I immediately thought of “Rosebud” the last word uttered by Charles Foster Kane on his deathbed in the movie “Citizen Kane.” We know that Rosebud was the name on his sled. Rosebud was symbolic of his youth and the security of his mother’s love. When gold was discovered on the family property his mother packed him off to a boarding school as a ward of the family lawyer. Those were loveless years, perhaps fifteen or more. Then, at age 25, he was rich and could buy love substitutes, newspapers, a mansion, people and, he thought, a political office. His rosebud withered, never to bloom. Workmen cleaning the junk out of his mansion threw his sled “Rosebud” into the furnace never knowing what it meant.

    None of what Charles Foster Kane bought was enough. It was not unlike the alcoholic’s problem: one drink was too many and a hundred wasn’t enough. Love IS unconditional. Jesus loves us unconditionally and those we love and and are loved by; well we can come very, very close. If we don’t have it and can’t give it we seek substitutes, usually substitutes that help us forget. Imelda Marcos, wife of Phillipines dictator Ferdinand Marcos had three thousand pairs of shoes.

  3. Vanessa Parks

    When I saw this Rose entry made by Rose I now think of myself as a rosebud. Thorns along with me still not mature in my walk towards The Lord. Yet, there is his light, warm and water for all of us rosebuds.
    ” Bloom where you are planted.”
    From one rosebud to another
    God bless you all

  4. Sal Evola

    Hello Rose!

    You take the most awesome pictures of flowers but the rosebuds take the cake! Those buds are filled with so much potential. Wow, what excellent feedback you have gotten. I would not know what the heck to do with 3,000 pairs of shoes!! What struck me is your line stating ” God is outside of time” because I don’t think people really think of it that way. I think we become used to saying God and His word last forever or for eternity, but we can easily forget that that means He is outside of time. Our brains operate on past, present and future, but our Lord sees everything all at once as it is happening. This is something our minds are almost incapable of grasping. In that case, all you need to do is look to the Saints as they got it! We have a spiritual part as we are composed of body and soul. Unlike the angels which are all spirit, we are created as both spirit and body as we are destined to live forever (outside of time!) it is a matter of where!

    In one of my prayers I recite everyday it begins with -Good Jesus in you alone a place all my hope, you are my strength and my salvation, the source of all goodness…. as He knows our full potential and we may not make it during our journey here on earth, but He will not stop to make us perfect providing we allow Him!

    I do believe that our Lord is always with us but it is we who separate ourselves from Him. There are so many distractions and it never ends! You have to be strong and put Him first, and if you do this, everything else will fall into place.

    Sorry, I don’t normally say much but this topic apparently stroke a chord!

    Peace in Christ,


    • Rose Folsom

      I appreciate your comments, Sal. And the fact that you wouldn’t know what to do with 3,000 pair of shoes is only because you’re a guy! :)