Dec 7, 2019 filed under Faith, Patience.

portrait stressed sad young woman sitting outdoors on summer day in park

Greetings Friend,

In this second week of Advent, I’m drawn to meditate on the “waiting” aspects of Advent — the beautiful emptiness we can feel as we wait for the one who will fill us to overflowing.

The striking words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer captured my imagination and I share them with you in a 3-minute video. I hope it helps you ponder just Whom we are awaiting during this season of holy anticipation.

Love always,

4 Responses to “Finding God as We Wait”

  1. Margaret

    Such a beautiful meditation from.Deitrich Bonhoffer, thank you dear Rose.
    It was a peace filled message, a drop of the dew of grace.

  2. Tom Roberts

    I read a book many years ago entitled “Your God is Too Small.” We scale God to the limitations of our thinking and our language. Even though we now know the earth rotates on its axis we still use the words “sunrise,” “sunset” or “sundown” because we actually think that way and have no words for what actually happens: “I’ll meet you at Harry’s when the earth’s rotation places it in position so that the sun becomes observable on the eastern horizon.”

    As an example of how small our thinking is there is a statement in current circulation which goes like this: “The most segregated hour in America is Sunday morning when we’re in church.”

    I too find it peaceful to await and contemplate His coming. That beats “What’ll I do if the FedEx truck doesn’t arrive by Christmas Eve?”