Nov 22, 2014 filed under Love.

love is for grownups

Love is the final virtue of the seven. It’s the biggest. It’s the baddest. It contains and gives meaning to all the others. Love is the reason, the glue, the summit, the everything. Love is for grownups.

I’m not talking about “Truly Madly Deeply”—I’m talking about the “total idiot” who gets the promotion you were expecting. Get this: “Stated baldly, love certainly means one of two things—pardoning unpardonable acts, or loving unlovable people.” G. K. Chesterton said that.

We are attracted to love although it is beyond reason. We are attracted because we know it’s true and we love receiving it. Especially when we do the unpardonable and behave as the unlovable. Love—looking to the eternal in the present painful—is the only thing that can make things OK, now. Only love can bring peace of soul, now.

Adrenaline or stubbornness prevent you from loving the unlovable? Step away and let God love them for you. That’s what He’s here for. Step 1: wish the best for the object of your disdain. Step 2: pray for him. And take the late Joan Rivers’ great advice to us all: “Oh, grow up!”


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