May 24, 2015 filed under Gifts & Fruits of the Spirit.

opened gift box

The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit first appear in Isaiah 11:2-3. They’re the gifts God offers us that make us more like him. They perfect the virtues. So who wouldn’t want a gift flown directly by carrier pigeon (well, dove) by God himself?

Do I really want to be wiser, more understanding, open to God’s guidance, strong, knowledgeable, love God more, and enjoy hanging out with him so much that I don’t wander around looking for spiritual sustenance from anywhere else? Yes…. theoretically….

But sometimes I forget to unwrap God’s extraordinary gifts. I knew a guy once who’s gone through life steamed because no one’s as holy as he is and the rest of us drive him crazy. Maybe he’s making the same mistake I do sometimes in thinking I’m achieving wisdom, knowledge, and love by my own efforts alone….Nope.

Unwrapping God’s gifts is more about opening myself up to his action in me (getting out of my own way) and less about collecting gold stars for exemplary service. Because if we’re holy in our own eyes, we’ve limited ourselves to our own vision. If we open ourselves to God’s holiness, stand back – heaven’s the limit!

Love always,

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