Mar 25, 2018 filed under Courage, Faith, Hope.

Gratitude of Mary

It’s March 25th, a day we’d be celebrating the Annuncation (the incarnation of Christ) if it weren’t also Palm Sunday! Part of me is still celebrating the Annunciation today because it’s Virtue Connection’s 4th birthday! Woo hoo!

Tying together Mary’s motherhood and Palm Sunday, I share a snippet from a talk I gave yesterday called “Cultivate the Garden of Your Soul.” The snippet is a meditation on how to be grateful, yes grateful in suffering — something that Mary did beyond our imagining as her Son entered into his Passion and death.

Can we — should we — be grateful for suffering? Sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it? In this little video, I share my take on how to “offer it up” — to endure suffering in the most constructive way.

Something to mull over as we enter Holy Week and contemplate what it cost Jesus to save us from eternal suffering. Mother Mary, pray for us!

Love always,



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