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Hang out with smiling Jesus

Have you ever pictured Jesus smiling at you? That’s what a priest once asked a gathering of women in our parish.

He said if we’re friends with God (which we are), we’ll treat each other like friends. And that includes smiling at each other. Think of Psalm 149: “The Lord takes delight in his people.” Delight! The definition of “delight” includes “joy” and “rapture.” Wow!

And when we see someone delightful, what do we do? We smile. So next time you’re in adoration, smile—you can be sure He’s smiling back.

Which leads to something else that friends do when they hang out together: they accept each other as they are. We may wonder, “If Jesus sees all my flaws and sinfulness, how can he be smiling at me?” It’s because friends love each other as they are, “bumps, warts, and squiggles.”

They focus on what they like about their friend.

If they have to share a hard truth, they do it lovingly. If we perceive a challenge that accuses and mocks us, it’s not from God. Jesus may offer us some pretty daunting challenges, but it will always be from the deepest place of love. And he will give us all the help we need to do what he asks of us — if we ask him.

A third way to hang out with a close friend is to Just. Be. Silent. If friends are enjoying a sunset over the ocean, “no one is going to break the silence,” the priest said, “by saying, ‘That water sure looks wet!’” Talking would destroy the closeness of sharing the beauty of the moment.

We often talk to God in adoration, but it’s also okay to just be with him without saying a word. “Let Jesus be the one to break the silence,” the priest suggested. “Just delight in His presence and let him delight in yours.” There’s that word delight again!

The next time you’re in prayer—especially adoration—return the smile that Jesus is giving you. And let the smile remind you that you’re with your closest friend, who delights in you—warts, bumps, squiggles — and all.

Love always,

“Smiling Jesus” is by Bob Berran

20 Responses to “How to Hang Out With God”

      • Margaret

        I have just been to Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament on EWTN,
        It was reverent delight. Everything was super excellent, hearts brought to heaven.
        Thank you, Rose

  1. Maria

    Awesome message. God is always my friend! Sorry, that I can’t join at this time the circle but I pray daily my rosary, attend daily mass virtually, have a weekly Catholic book club online and have a group bible study weekly. God bless all. Have an great Labor Day weekend too! Stay safe!

  2. Tom Roberts

    I remember two quotes from St Teresa of Avila: “For prayer is nothing more than being on terms of friendship with God.” and “The feeling remains that God is on the journey too.”

  3. Suzanne Landis

    Thanks, Rose, for reminding me that Jesus delights in me. I am going to smile back at him more’

  4. Sharon Ann

    Thank you! I’m going to send it to a friend who was doing outdoor adoration.

    Did I tell you your blog last week on Love was wonderful.

    Many blessings
    Sharon Ann

  5. Janet McDonald

    Your post made me smile after a tough week & half, after an injury.God Bless.

  6. Joyce Miles

    Thanks Rose beautiful.
    Always give God your best and show your love,smile,generosity last but least Praise his Holy Name.
    Bless week ? to you Rose

  7. Fae

    This is a wonderful meditation, Rose. Thank you so much. It reminds me to pray the “Litany of Trust,” by Sr. Faustina Maria Pia, SV (Sisters of Life). The first line is, “From the belief that I have to earn your love, deliver me, Jesus.”

  8. Pat Friehdoff

    Thank you for the reminder that Jesus delights in us and is smiling at us. I think sometimes we only think about our faults – it’s good to know Jesus doesn’t concentrate on them too.

  9. Diane Upham

    Beautiful message sweetest Rose. May your week be relaxing and rewarding and your trials with your new computer be few!! I can relate as I had to replace a Smartphone eight months ago that shattered after falling out of my pocket while I was six ft up a ladder! This new MOTO Z4 is great but has so many nuances; I’m sure that I will never learn or need all of them. It is amazing how fast technology is advancing.
    Love you!


    Thanks Rose. When i do the Blessed Sacrament Adoration I always try to say something. Thanks for your suggestion to just sit quietly and smile enjoying his presence and Just let Jesus Break the Ice. I definitely will try that soon.