Mar 29, 2015 filed under Love.

happy woman in golden sunlight

The calendar our accountant gave us includes a quote by the French writer Guillaume Apollinaire: “Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”

That’s true in our pursuit of virtue, too. We need to pause and remember that although our efforts are important, growing in virtue is about opening ourselves to the action of the good God in us. Our souls are not problems to be solved, they are mirrors of the image of God that get shinier as we relax into loving actions, letting go of grasping actions.

The part of me that falsely wants to keep score and achieve perfection by my own effort is the same one that wants to love by my own efforts. Guess what? I’m not the source of love, God is! Today, I will take a break from “effort” and let the invisible love that surrounds me soak in. That way, when I want to share it with someone else, I’ll be sharing the real thing.


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