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Girl thanking mom for gift

We are a week into the Advent Season (not the “shopping season”). But we still need to buy or make Christmas presents for the Big Day! And gifts can be a fun way share your devotion to the Birthday Boy, Jesus Christ, and His Mother, with your loved ones.

Below are some stocking-stuffers that caught my eye — I’ll bet the lucky people on your list will appreciate them, too!

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I’m an affiliate for these items because I whole-heartedly believe in them!  If you choose to take action, I may receive a commission.

This Girl Runs on Jesus and Music

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Fight like Joan, Serve like Teresa, Trust like Faustina

St. Benedict Medal

Catholic since 33 A.D.

Protons Have Mass? I didn’t even know they were Catholic!

Totus Tuus (I am all yours)

Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry

“Color the Gospel” coloring book

Rosary Coloring Book

Our Lady of Guadalupe pencil case / makeup bag

Child’s Colorful Rosary

Know any new babies? This is ah-dorable!
Plush Rosary and Rattle

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