Feb 10, 2018 filed under Faith.

Starfish and soft wave on the sandy beach

Is anything more meditative than standing at the edge of the mighty ocean to absorb its ageless, limitless expanse? To imagine that it has never looked exactly as it does at this moment, but will look just the same to wondering eyes a hundred generations from now?

The ocean is fresh and timeless like our mysterious God. I invite you to spend a couple of minutes at the seaside with me pondering the words of Moses to his people as they end their desert trek and begin a journey into the unknown of the promised land. I hope it gives a good start to your Lent!

Love always,

23 Responses to “Enjoy a Mini Vacation at the Beach”

  1. Bernida

    So much beauty and sounds to make you forget everything on your mind love it thank you sister for sharing. Have a blessed life.

  2. Linda Hartzell

    I know your video will be viewed by many but I felt it was intended just for me…what a gift.
    How did you know that it is my favorite place to be?
    –where the vastness of God’s creation and my humble place in it are one.

    Thank you for this moment of quiet peace.
    God be praised.

  3. Jini Druliner

    So beautiful Rose! The tiny sun in the far distance became a glowing fire towards the end. Had to watch it again and again!

    • Rose Folsom

      Thanks, Jini! You’ve brought out a meaning I hadn’t seen before: the sun is the same, but our perception changes with time. If we prayerfully wait, the clouds will part and God’s glory will be revealed little by little.

  4. Debbie

    Rose – absolutely beautiful. There is nothing to compare to the sound of the ocean’s gently breaking waves. Then, to add the scripture verses – WOW! I will be listening to this frequently and sharing it. Thanks so much.

    • Rose Folsom

      Happy to hear that God’s “gentle kiss” of that morning comes through in the video. Thanks for sharing the love!

  5. Linda Burr

    This seaside meditation is so beautiful, Rose!! I sensed a bit of God’s Power in the waves, the sound of the waves, the sky and the Sun!! Thank you and God bless you!!

  6. Rose

    Dear Rose,
    Thank you, thank you! Who can express what such beauty does for
    The beholder. To have the bird fly over, the sun shine and the
    magnificent beach and ocean together with God’s Word is pure joy.
    Thank you God, thank you Rose.

  7. Clelia Schindler

    I love the sounds of the ocean,, so calming, so peacefull. It takes all the pressure of everyday life, going thru bad depression since December. Pleas pray for me. Thank you and may God bless abuntely.


    Listening to the sounds of the water, my heart a n d soul was reminded of this verse from Genesis 1:2
    …”And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.” What an awesome location to spend time with our Lord and Savor. The ocean is my favorite place to visit. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Yvonne Miranian

    The peace of the ocean with God’s light shining through it all to us!

  10. Pat Westrick

    Dear Rose,
    What a beautiful place to be. Thank you for sharing it. Today was a perfect day for me to have the ocean scene and the verse.

    • Rose Folsom

      Hi Pat,
      I just saw this — sorry for the delay in responding! Glad you enjoyed a couple of minutes at the beach with God. And hope your Lent is a fruitful one.