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Virgin Mary pondering in prayer

A reader’s comment that she was “following the path of Mary” during Advent made me ponder just what the path of Mary is.

During her pregnancy, Mary pondered Jesus as He rested near her heart. Are our hearts a resting place for God during Advent? Are we following the path of Mary toward His birth?

When Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem, they found no room at the inn. Jesus longed to rest among His people, but was turned away. When He approaches us, do we turn Him away in our busy-ness?

After He was born, Mary wrapped Him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger. Then she and Joseph adored Him in His second resting place: a manger; lowly, rude, and a little bit worm-eaten, like our hearts. Jesus longs to take his rest in our imperfect hearts. The Lord takes delight in his people (Ps 149:4).

Can we make our hearts like the empty manger awaiting Jesus’ birth? A manger is a place for food. Jesus is the heavenly food laid in a manger for our hungry hearts. Our souls need to be filled with the bread from heaven, Jesus, who wants to find rest in us. Are we willing to find a calm place to offer Him rest, or are our minds filled with a to-do list that puts out a “No Vacancy” sign?

This Advent, let’s walk with Mary, emptied out of our preferences and expectations. Let’s take time to ponder in anticipation with Mary the One worth waiting for. Because in a week, God will come to fill our emptiness with his very self — Jesus, the only food that satisfies, come to the manger of our expectant hearts.

Scroll down and share how you plan to “wait” with a quiet heart for Jesus.

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3 Responses to “Pondering With Mary”

  1. Barbara Kreutzer

    What lovely, meaningful analogies! Several women in our church’s little prayer group were sick and missed yesterday’s Advent Quiet Morning. I’ll share the reflection so they can at least have an Advent quiet moment or two – so important in our hectic lives.

  2. Tom Roberts

    I’ve the good fortune to have a physical place and a resting place two evenings a month in contemplative prayer amongst my friends at my church. A fair portion of my devotions are conducted in such a systematic way should the others be lost to forgetfulness or events beyond my control.