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A friend’s son died tragically. I asked my friend, a “devout atheist,” if she would mind if I prayed for her and her family. She said, “I accept your gift of prayer because I know it comes from your heart.”

So, if she who thinks prayer has no effect is comforted, how much more those of us who believe that prayer is the greatest force in the universe —  believe that prayer is like a spiritual  lever and fulcrum by which Archimedes said he could move the world!?

Yet we sometimes neglect to pray for each other.

I have a friend who just learned that cancer has spread to her bones. She says that she can feel the prayers of friends and that their prayers reduce her fear and increase her confidence that God is close.

Prayer among friends
Consider an idea inspired by my late friend Frank Fletcher. Frank’s limitations prevented him from holding a paying job. So he spent his time riding the bus, striking up quiet conversations with people, gently reminding them of God’s love.

Frank had a habit that may bring a new dimension to your prayer life. Whenever I saw him, he’d ask me on parting, “What are three things I can pray for you today?” The question was, and is, utterly arresting. It was as if the hand of God reached into my soul, looking to touch anything that needed healing. A question so powerful I sometimes had to stifle tears as I answered. For some reason, it always surprised me.

The act of sharing three things to pray for unburdened me of whatever was bothering me that day. Frank was willing to take upon himself my greatest burdens as he waved goodbye and walked toward the bus stop to go home, leaving me feeling light and free.

What I had neglected to give entirely to God I was able to give to my friend. Frank was a secret agent for God.

Frank Fletcher, pray for us that we will take time today to ask someone, “What can I pray for you today?”

Scroll down and type one thing that this community can pray for you.

Love always,

22 Responses to “What Can I Pray for You Today?”

  1. Linda Hollomon

    Please pray that my so -in-law finds a job. The company he worked for closed due to COVID 19. He has five children; the first one with special needs. My daughter is so very nervous and anxious for the oldest child’s health during this virus time and now – no job. Please pray!

    • Rose Folsom

      I will include your daughter’s family’s health and well-being (including financial health) in my Mass and Rosary intentions this week.
      May God provide what they need — and right on time! Amen.

    • Suzanne Landis

      Linda, your daughter and her family are in my prayers.

    • Annamaria

      The power of the Three Hail Mary prayer is what I just prayed for your son-in-law to find a job through the intercessions of Mother Mary and St Joseph (the perfect example of a good worker).

  2. TrishM

    Prayers for my son, Cole, who is homeless to accept a job offer and move forward in his life.

      • Barbara

        My afflicted son has often lived on the streets. So far, God has always brought him home to us and someday will bring him Home to Him. There are so many kind people in this world. Praying three things and more for your son. God’s Peace to you and yours.

  3. Lillian Reynolds

    Please pray for our country to come back to God. I don’t know of any other way since we have not been doing His work by passing Him and His Love to others. Only God can fix us now.

    The pandemic is a distraction from a lot that is going on in our country – do we notice?

    • Rose Folsom

      Yes, there’s so much in scripture that affirms that. And if we’re doing our part to build up the Kingdom, starting with prayer, we can avoid taking the devil’s bait, which would be to lose our inner peace. Jesus, I trust in You.

  4. Suzanne Landis

    This is a beautiful idea! I have many people on my prayer list, but I never thought to ask them “What can I pray for you today?” It reminds them that I am praying and it reminds me why I am praying.

  5. Tom Roberts

    There are actions which may have the effect of prayers. My pastor spoke this weekend of a time when he as a young priest at another church was approached by a man who said “Father, I want to become a Catholic.” My pastor replied “That’s wonderful, but what decided you?” The man said “I was riding the bus. It stopped at the corner in front of your church. I saw an elderly woman struggling to open the heavy door. I thought ‘If she’s struggling that hard there must be something very valuable to her inside.”

    My pastor said that as far as he was aware, she never knew about the change she had effected on that man’s life.

    • Rose Folsom

      This is a “keeper” example of how, even if we feel like our prayers are having no effect, the Holy Spirit comes through in such amazing ways to do his saving work through us!

  6. Diane Isabelle

    A very inspiring story about your friend, Rose. Thanks!

    Please pray that my son will return to the Church, that his wife will convert, and that a vaccine for COVID will soon be available.

    I will be praying for the intentions of this community.

  7. Vicki

    Please pray that I will know God’s presence in my heart and that I will do his work.

  8. Anne

    Please remember my son and his family. They are considering divorce

  9. Cheryl

    Please pray for my daughter to find a job to support her young daughter and their well being. Also please pray that my son can soon return home from his international job that has not permitted him to leave that country due to COVID.

    • Rose Folsom

      I’ve been praying this week for your intentions. God bless you, your daughter, son, and granddaughter.