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Airstream trailer with flowers

I ran into author Lynda Rozell at a conference this week. What made our chat even better: I’m deep into her book, Journeys with a Tin Can Pilgrim. Her children grown, her marriage having imploded, her high-power legal career making her ill, and her love affair with God making her more trusting by the minute, she was called to sell her condo and become an evangelizing nomad in an Airstream trailer.

Rose and Lynda, the tin can pilgrim

Everyday evangelization
Thing is, both her journey and her evangelization are as ordinary as the asphalt road she travels. Having lessened her attachment to things and plans, she is more open to the Holy Spirit’s promptings in where to go and what to say. Her evangelization often takes the form of questions instead of statements, gently planting seeds and leaving the harvest for God’s time.

Let me share my musings on some memorable lines from her book:

“I can accept my own shortcomings when my intentions are good, and let myself be a small child who stumbles, falls, and cries, but whose very good Father always picks her up and helps her.”

So often I shrink from trying something new for fear of failure. But my real failure lies in forgetting about the Good Father who is pleased with my imperfect efforts at doing his will and who will always pick me up, dry my tears, and give me courage to move forward in his love.

Lord, let me see ahead to your ultimate plan of love and mercy. Let me remember that you are the Lord of my life and of history. Help me not to get stuck or discouraged in my own perceived failures because you bring good out of everything for those who love you. Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner. Accomplish your perfect work through my imperfection.

“Be prepared to abandon preconceptions and your own planning if the road takes an unexpected direction, but check the signposts. Is this something God wants for you? Can you do it with the intention of pleasing Him? Stay close to His steps in the trail before you, and don’t be afraid when it takes you places you’ve never been before.”

Why is it so hard to remember to check in with God before I launch into my own plans—and start getting snagged in all the expectations that come with those plans? Too often, my ideas are hatched out of hidden pride or fear, which can cause needless anxiety.

Lord, grant me the grace to remember to get quiet long enough to listen to your whisper of grace before I make my plans and set my hopes on goals that you know are not good for me. Let me be open to the road ahead, even if I don’t always know where you are leading me. Help me to avoid the potholes and dead ends of trying to build the road myself and draw my own roadmap. Help me to keep in mind that the destination you want for me is heaven, and to let you drive the truck there with me safely strapped in the passenger seat, knowing you have already stocked the trailer for our trip with every good thing my soul needs.

Love always,

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14 Responses to “What I Learned from a Tin Can Pilgrim”

  1. Peggy Duenas

    Thank you Rose for sharing your thoughts &
    Reminding me too that I’m not alone when I’m feeling down. I needed to hear that this evening. So many things are crazy to comprehend what’s going on around me, but I’m grateful the lord is in my life.
    Aloha, Peggy

  2. Pamela

    This book sounds wonderful! I wish I could read it but it’s only sold as a kindle version 😕

  3. Diane Upham

    Wow again Rose!! You never fail to surprise me with your precious messages. God’s pilgrim Lynda has been able to unleash herself from the pressures of life and gird herself for His work no matter where He takes her. A beautiful and powerful message!! Thank you both!

  4. Mary Graves

    Rose, this came at a time I needed help with not trying to deal alone with a situation that makes me very fearful. Thank you. Will get the book when out

  5. Suzanne Landis

    Rose, I love you image of God driving the truck to heaven, providing all the provisions needed for the journey! Lord, help me to always rely on you!

  6. Tom Roberts

    I run this one every day because it embraces all the contingencies: “Yea, tnough I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” Psalm 23

  7. Karen F. Coombe

    Thank you Rose for your inspirational guidance – a GPS device for our soul’s journey.
    Will look forward to the book’s publication.

  8. Rose


    Thanks, I just ordered the book. I ready to start reading on this day of rest with the Lord.
    + + +
    Greetings in Christ Jesus
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! They are very inspiring and thoughtful!
    I to seem to think things are happening because of my actions?
    When I know well it is all Gods💜I thank Him for using me as He will. I think He laughs at me😅
    God bless
    Have a safe and fun week
    Sister Josita

  9. Linda Hartzell

    What a wonderful surprise to see you at NCCW convention this past weekend. It was also my pleasure to meet Lynda. God bless both of you.

    Thank you for the gentle reminder that God is in charge, not me.
    A church near me recently posted this sign out front…”Do you want to make God laugh? Make plans.”