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Girl looks thru magifying glass

Every virtuous woman has a practical side, too. We love to be inspired by the heroic virtue of the saints, but need some driving-mocs-on-the-ground guidance along with that to help us put that inspiration into practice. Especially when we’re tempted to do what we suspect is the wrong thing.

To the rescue
Voila! Click below to download a free one-pager with use-now examples of how you can change your thinking on-the-spot from negative to positive and let your behavior reflect that in tough situations.

Download it by clicking on the title: VIRTUE CHEAT-SHEET 2019

Here’s to a stronger, better, holier life — yay! And scroll down to let me know which tip resonated most.

Love always,

17 Responses to “Useful (and kinda fun) Virtue Cheat-sheet!”

  1. Cheri

    Thank you Rose. Today I was thinking about apologetics and how I am going to retake a class in Thomas Aquinas from the institute with doctor Taylor Marshall online. Hes a very well educated man and speaks a lot of really good things he was in a piscopal priest and now he and his wife and 8 children have been Catholic for the last 10 years. And so he put away the collar put on the tie and now teaches courses and does many other things. A today philosophy is so necessary and Thomas Aquinas is one of our gifts from the mystic his journey short as it was makes him a doctor in the Catholic Church. And I was so very happy to receive your personal quick summary which is so applicable and I was proud to pass it along. Many blessings on you Rose until next time praise be to God.

    • Rose Folsom

      Your thoughts mean a lot to me — thank you! I studied St. Thomas Aquinas for 5 years when I was a new Catholic, and agree that his solid, practical (and mystical) way of expressing the Truth is much needed today. He’s the inspiration for everything I do — trying to put gobbledy-gook theology into plain language that people can actually use to live better life.
      Best of luck with your studies!

  2. Christy

    Thank you Rose! I always look forward to your Sunday emails. It is truly a blessing. I love this weeks comparison on how we are a new creation in Christ. How when we put him fist we practice self control in all areas of our life. We learn that gossiping about others is not of God and practicing self control when it comes to food choices even though we are tired is what God wants for us.


    • Rose Folsom

      Yes, it’s easy to forget that “what God wants of us” is exactly what is best for us in the long run. Even the trials we face. I love the way you put it, “new creation in Christ.” And we are renewed every time we say “yes” to Him.
      Thanks so much for your feedback.

  3. Claire

    Definitely need to work on a few. Thank you, it answers a lot of my questions. Bless you.

    • Margaret Tiplady

      That Prudence, Number 4, made me stop to think. Guilty! I’ll try to do better and stick to the same bedtime each day.

      • Rose Folsom

        Yes, too often I look up and say, “How did it get to be midnight?” Let’s pray for each other!

  4. Tom Roberts

    Makes me think of AA’s acronym “HALT” meaning watch out for these conditions: Hungry

    Any of these states, usually self imposed, can drive me to seek instant gratification, harming myself and others; often the ones I love. I can kick the can down the road like Esau who in Genesis 25 said “Let me gulp down some of that red stuff; I’m starving,” and thus bargained away his birthright to Jacob who was all too willing to make the swap.

    • Rose Folsom

      I often say that “truth is generic” because God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is present (to a greater or lesser extent) in all created things — present somehow in everything true, good, and beautiful. The truth in AA has saved so many souls and, well, I think most of us can relate to Esau!

  5. Roberta

    With a grateful heart for all these gentle reminders… especially the virtue of Prudence. But I’ll reflect on all of them!

  6. rose


    Always a delight to hear from you! Please don’t be offended but I had to chuckle when learning of a “cheat-sheet” on how to practice “moral virtues”!

    God has given you a wonderful gift, to inspire and encourage people
    I’m so spiritually richer and grounded from your Ministry. Thank you
    for sharing. I think it’s great. God Bless.

    I have read your sheet of 4 moral virtues and really liked it very much. I did want you to know that some of the text on your “cheat’ sheet is very small and difficult to read. Just wondered if you could make it a little larger? The messages are great!!
    You are filled with God’s mighty Spirit and strive to help us always!! Love you!!
    It is a very special presentation, seems like endless human dispositions that could be applied, don’t you think? Wow, great work.

  7. Linda Hartzell

    I love your cheat sheet idea and found it very useful.
    It reminded me so much of the Goofus and Gallant section of Highlights magazine….a memory from my childhood which I call upon to this day.

    The Self Control section hit home with me. Reminding me to seeking God’s help and strength at my weak moments was inspiring to me and gave me hope. Thank you.

    Two suggestions if I may, before you “go public”:
    -Lead off with the “Why” and then the example. For example, prudence has always been a mystery to me. Your “Why” explained it and then the example made sense.
    -Give more than one example of each…the more the better.

    God bless you, Rose.

    • Rose Folsom

      Thanks for the great comments. And you’re egging me on for more examples, which I’m happy to do….Maybe this will grow from a cheat-sheet to an e-book!

  8. Diane Isabelle

    Great idea, Rose! I would call it “Virtue Tip Sheet.” And I agree with a previous commenter who said that the text is small. Might be hard for some folks to read. Blessings!