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gossip of two women

I always thought it was okay to talk behind someone’s back if what I said was true.


When I discovered the virtues 30 years ago, I learned exactly when it IS okay to say negative things about someone (in court, as a parent, or as a boss — whenever it is actually helpful to the person and the common good).

I also learned the unexpected reason why saying negative things about someone in other situations is harmful — and how to change my habit of gossiping. This 4-minute video lets you in on the real scoop — with tips to overcome the habit. Think of it as “Gossip Cure 101.”

Love always,

28 Responses to “3 Cures for Gossip (and the real reason to avoid it)”

  1. Peggy Duenas

    Thank you Rose for sharing that.
    We all at times find ourselves in that

  2. Kathy Masling

    Excellent tips Rose, and thank you for sharing your thoughts and video. I live in small gated townhome community with predominantly single women. I generally try to stay neutral regarding any gossip when speaking with my neighbors. That being said, I often find it difficult handling myself when I’m in these situations with other neighbors. If someone’s initiating gossip, I feel awkward for not responding in some way. I think your ideas are an excellent way to respond and to help redirect our conversations on a positive note and will allow me to remain neutral. Perhaps this may even help some of the others who feel as uncomfortable as I do when in this situation.
    Happy New Year Rose and God bless you! As always, it’s lovely to hear from you!

  3. Joyce Miles

    So true what you discuss.
    It’s easy to get caught in gossip but I learned to say so sorry to hear.
    Another thing I say is oh well I better not get involved just pray for over the situation and move on.This to me happens when you work with lots of women.

  4. Dorothy Huggins

    Thank you Rose for sharing the tips to gossip.
    Happy New Year and have a blessed Sunday!

  5. Sal


    Grate tips as well as insight Rose! I’ll certainly keep these in mind when having my weekly calls with my supervisor where it can become ridiculously easy to start gossiping about employees and staff as well as in other situations.

    Happy New Year & God bless!

  6. Kathryn Elsayed

    Thank you Rose for sharing this helpful information. I admit I struggle with this issue. Like you, I believed that if it was true then it’s okay. I’m going to try your advice 👍 please share more advice about living the virtues in our daily life. Thanks again.

  7. Anne Hasting

    Thank you. I have tried to distance myself from people (friends) that always seem to want to share the negative about others. Some days it is difficult even when you tell them you are not interested.

  8. Lucia

    Thank you Rose. It gives me a lot to think about as I to find myself at times doing this or listening to gossip.
    Happy New Years to you
    This will part of my New Years resolution.

  9. Mary Anderson

    Thanks Rose!
    That is a beautiful way to avoid being sucked into gossip. Sometimes when you live in a small town that seems to be the theme! This is great direction!
    We don’t want to fall from grace especially because of someone else that has loose lips! 🤭👍

  10. Kathy DiCiurcio

    Thanks so much Rose for these tips. It can be easy to get caught up in these situations. And now I have positive ways to handle them.
    Have a wonderful week


  11. Peggy Potere

    Thank you 🌹 Rose, Excellent advice as always. Stay Safe 🙏

  12. Ana Maria Fernandez

    Thank you do much Rose, is very difficult when I have to ear gossip, and the way I tried to close my mouth s d don’t say nothing, but your tips are good. Blessings and have a beautiful new year.

    • Patricia Brophy

      Thank you Rose. Great tips ! Its so easy to get involved in gossip if we don’t have a plan & good way to respond with a positive. I also feel like I’m rejecting a person if I don’t respond in some way. Next time I’ll try one of the steps. I like the way you said turn it into a positive & say, I’ll pray for her/him, that’s a sad situation. Or I hope things go better in their future. And pray for Gods mercy for this person.

  13. Tom Roberts

    To me gossip is a form of killing with words. It calls up Matthew 5:21, the discourse on anger and it’s toxic sequelae.

  14. mary herstein

    I am so grateful for this insight. I have been guilty of gossip and you have given me useful tools to avoid any future trespass. Thank you Rose.

  15. Irma Garza-Anderson

    Thank you Rose, very good advice. A long time ago I read something similar to what you said and it opened my eyes about what I thought was just conversation about others…. was really gossip, your message reminded me that I sometimes forget and revert. Thanks for the reminder. God bless!

  16. Elizabeth

    Rose, thank you so much for sharing! This was such a good reminder and so helpful, especially the part about loving myself enough. It’s something new to bring to my examen at night You are being a spiritual mother to me in what you shared. Thank you!
    May God bless you! ❤️

  17. Barbara Kreutze

    Thanks, Rose, for the Spirit-filled and very helpful insights!

  18. Rose Folsom

    Arrived via EMAIL:
    Thank you Rose for the tips. Some of them reaffirm things that I truly try to practice and some more new thoughts for me. I come from a career where I served people for over 40 years in human resources. I’ve been retired for a little over two years now and I realized by listening to your words that I can still practice and home the skills that I learned over the years and they are still important with the people around me and the people I meet especially my family so God bless and thank you again


  19. Lourdes

    Thanks so much for sharing your insights on gossip! I too am guilty of reverting to gossip. This video has helped to remind me that there are ways to avoid gossiping!
    God bless you Rose 🙏🏽

  20. BettyAnn

    Thank you for sharing!! First time hearing you, love it !! I definitely need help on practicing better solutions and answering without belittling persons !
    Looking forward to more words ! God Bless

    Betty Ann

  21. Carole Day

    Thanks Rose, beautiful and helpful advice.
    God Bless You for all the help you provide to people.