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A Knitter died and appeared at the Pearly Gates, hoping to gain entrance.

Her guardian angel met her there and carefully removed a shawl that was laid across her shoulders – a surprise, because she never had known it was there.

She noticed other souls-in-waiting also were wearing shawls, all in various conditions: some glowing and colorful, others subdued, still others ragged and torn.

As she looked at her own shawl, she saw that it was full of holes, made of flimsy, thin yarn rather than sturdy worsted, and a drab mustard color rather than one of the beautiful, glowing colors of so many of the others.

“What will you do with that?” she asked her angel.

The angel smiled and told her, “This is your gift to God, the work of your life.”

“Oh, dear,” she said, saddened. “It sure doesn’t look like much.”

The angel smiled again, patted her hand, and led her forward toward the throne. There, she saw other souls with their angels.

Each time a guardian angel presented a shawl to the Lord, He smiled, stroked the shawl, and said, “Well done, good and faithful servant – welcome home!”

As the Knitter and her guardian angel moved closer, each shawl seemed more glorious than the last, each soul more deserving than she of a place near the throne. The Knitter’s heart sank with each step forward.

Finally, though, they stood at the foot of the throne. He Who is Love smiled and enfolded the Knitter in waves of grace as the angel handed Him the shawl.

Then God laughed.

Not a laugh of derision or disdain – a laugh of the very purest joy, as He opened the shawl wide to see it better. The Knitter looked up. She could see the glow of His grace shining on – and through – her shawl. The pitiful, flimsy, hole-y thing was transformed into something magnificent: the fine yarn had turned golden, holding together holes, forming glorious lacework.

“You see this now, dear one, as I see it. I see your love. I see the way you have tried to be your best. Each of these holes marks a time when you have picked yourself up and continued on in faith, hope, and love. Each strand marks a time you have accepted My gifts of grace. Do you see now, how beautiful your life is to Me? Well done, dear Knitter. Welcome home.”

This story was passed on to me by a veteran knitter; one who has made many a prayer shawl and who tries to glorify God by love, even in the dropped stitches and tangled skeins of her life.

Love always,

17 Responses to “A Knitter at the Throne of God”

  1. Marleen Lardieri

    Thank you Rose for your beautiful stories!
    I’ve tried to message you privately but unable !
    God Bless you

  2. Judith Marie Dihel

    Thank you. A message I needed to hear today. So thankful for Gods grace and also the many, many times when I have given up on myself yet he didn’t, only to pick me up and carry me until I was able to coninue on. Gods infinite mercy and love is beyond my comprehension.

  3. Sabine Paul

    Thanks for the beautiful story, a nice reminder that what we do in not in vain in God’s eyes.

  4. mary nealey

    Thank you Rose! This is such a beautiful story. One I will look forward to reading again and again.
    You are a gift. Praise God🙏

  5. Barbara Ballard Kreutzer

    Beautiful picture of your sister and you and what a lovely story! I’m sharing it now…

  6. Wynona

    God knows us through love, we ourselves have higher expectations and when we fail we judge ourselves severely. Thank you Heavenly Father YHWH for loving us even through our weaknesses, you are my strength…amen and amen 🙏

  7. Rose

    Thank you, Rose! I shared the “Knitters” story on My FB page with all the knitters that I know and well everyone else too, this story applies to all of us. Thank you for sharing 🙏😊

    + + +
    I love to knit. I was taught by my talented mother who passed away last summer. I like to think she was the knitter of this lovely story.

    + + +
    God always makes up for everything. Thank you so much for remembering me in your prayers. You are in my prayers.

    + + +

  8. Karen F. Coombe

    A wonderful inspiration Rose; certainly provides encouragement. I’ll share this with others. So glad you had a meaningful journey and were able to reconnect with friends and family. Blessings, Karen

  9. Nan Hurwitz

    Dear Rose Blessings! I have gentle tears in my eyes from the beautiful story. I am always moved once again when I see the love God has for me. I sometimes forget. In Carmel Nan Hurwitz

  10. Tom Roberts

    This beautiful story reminds me of my misguided efforts to look good in front of God. Instead God wants me to offer all I have, the tapestry of my life, especially the mistakes which reveal my willingness to receive the gift of grace. As in Matthew 6:1-4 ostentatious almsgiving may earn the donor praise and reward on earth but spurns God’s gift of grace.

    Once again in Mark 12:41-44, The Poor Widow’s Contribution, Jesus makes the comparison: “For they have all contributed from their surplus wealth, but she, from her poverty, has contributed all she had, her whole livelihood.” This tells me what I must do willingly; it’s a clear metaphor.

  11. Charlene

    I have put this email aside for close to a week r/t “later …when I have time “. Finally read it this am as it’s a dark rainy morning and my walk will be delayed etc. I. crochet . My mother is in a memory care unit ….always cold and I’ve been trying t9 figure out a shawl pattern to make her a shawl …..turning out to be a difficult pattern … frustrating me. This story almost brought tears to my eyes . Seems to be a great reading for today. Loved it. Thank you