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woman praying rosary

In preparation for my upcoming program, “Pray Like a Saint,” I interviewed Dr. Lisa Marino on the soul-body connection in overall health. In this snippet, she talks about gaining spiritual benefit from illness and practicing virtue to help prevent illness. Fascinating!

And hey — leave a comment below or email me if your connection with God could use some improvement (no matter what difficulty you’ve had praying) and I’ll keep you posted on how you can finally have a prayer life you love!
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9 Responses to “Body and Soul in Prayer”

  1. Monica Huber

    Fascinating! Thank you for offering this snippet—is the entire interview available? Also, please keep me updated about your upcoming program, “Pray Like A Saint.” Thank you.

  2. Anna Marie Montanaro

    Wow! Right to the point! Thank you Rose! Praying you have a blessed and peace filled week! Anna Marie

  3. Kathy

    You always present a topic I need to hear, and not just hear, but put into practice. This one was no different. Thank You!

  4. Lupita Montelongo

    Thank you Rose!!!
    You nailed it, I can’t wait for your upcoming program, thank you for keeping me focused
    God continue Blessing you,

  5. Nancy Devlin

    Thanks for sharing Rose. Your up coming program sounds very informative.

  6. Karissa Jarzombek

    I want to know more please.
    I would like to join your up coming program.
    Please add me: karissaj@yahoo.com
    Thank you and have a Blessed Week

  7. Connie

    Thank you for sharing and I also would like to be updated on Pray Like a Saint. I need all the tips you can share.