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orange tulip loveliness

I passed by my favorite pond yesterday and saw the first batch of goslings paddling in their parents’ wake. Awww! So I thought I’d resurrect a meditation video I made for you this time last year that features those sweet goslings. Relax and enjoy!

They say when mother is cold, baby gets another blanket. Last week was a crazy one for me, so I made a 2-minute “slow down” video to share with you. :)

Did I say I had a crazy week? Well, I realized the week wasn’t crazy, I was. So I just. slowed. down. Put 3 things on my to-do list instead of 15. Stopped trying to accomplish too much because no one cares. Really, no one’s life depends on what I do. I crashed, but in a good way. It was a lesson in humility.

The word “sane” means “healthy.” Healthy and free from the bondage of self-importance and self-inflicted guilt.


So last Thursday, I pressed “pause” on some projects, spent quality time with God, and have felt a lot freer and saner since.

Now it’s time to share that peace: I filmed a cute family of geese in our local pond, put it to music, and voila! a 2-minute mini vacation for you. Hope you enjoy relaxing into it as much as I did creating it.

Love always,

8 Responses to “Cure for a Crazy Week”

  1. Linda Hartzell

    I was touched by your words “No one’s life depends on what I do….It was a lesson in humility.”
    Boy, did that hit home!! We get so caught up in our own importance that we often lose sight of the ultimate goal…to glorify God.
    As St. Teresa of Calcutta so concisely stated:
    “Be humble and you will never be disturbed. It is very difficult in practice because we all want to see the result of our work. Leave it to Jesus.” St. Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us.

    • Rose Folsom

      Thanks for the words of St. Teresa. Passing along a quote from St. Bernard that a reader emailed me this morning:
      “Humiliation leads to humility as patience leads to peace and study to knowledge. If you desire to become humble, never run from humiliation. You will never arrive at humility.”

      Tough words, but if we want to be like Jesus, what other way can there be? So let’s be joyful on the Via Dolorosa because Christ has won the victory.

  2. Sal

    Dear Rose,

    I always say you take the best pictures and now I can say you take wonderful video clips too! Yes, seeing those little balls of yellow fluff is simply delightful! I love those climbing roses too!

    I purposely slow things down and no more multi-tasking. Over the years especially b/c of work, it has taken a toll on me. As you said, I keep my to do list very short.

    And yes, the virtue of humility is the queen of virtues that Satan cannot touch! Everyday I ask the Lord to help me to continue to grow on this virtue as well as the virtues of detachment and patience!

    God bless and a blessed Sunday to all of you!

  3. Rose Folsom


    Thank you, Rose. I needed this today. And your roses are just lovely and I am sure they are as fragrant as they are beautiful.

    God Bless, Pat

    Thank you Rose. I enjoyed your video of the goose family.

    Enjoyed your 2 min vid, throughly relaxed! Hope my wife doesn’t want to do something! (just fooling!)

    Love it! Thank you!

    May we attain daily conversion in health, peace and love,

    Dear Rose,

    Let your Light keep shining!
    I loved that video and did not know they were geese out of sheer ignorance.
    In those notes I sent on Adam of St Victor I noticed some of
    your gifts of images, colors, peak of perfection in writing. (You can be
    a comedian as well to give us a laugh.)

    God bless you.
    Sister Mary

    Rose, I love your roses picture! Such exuberance! The geese were lovely, as was the music.
    On his many examples of humility, St. Francis offered that we are as God sees us, and nothing more.

    Pax et Bonum,


  4. Rose

    Just what I needed today, Rose and I’m passing it on to whom our Lord puts in my mind!
    Thank you!