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mom and daughter washing dishes

St. Peter assures us that as temples of the Holy Spirit, we “come to share in the Divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4). But how can that be? What does that look like in real life? A long-forgotten memory brought back a way to think about how God’s very life is shared in ordinary ways.

I remember, as a five-year-old, looking up at my mother washing the dishes and begging her to let me help. I can imagine what she was thinking: “She’s gonna break something; there will be soapy water all over the kitchen and all over her.”

She didn’t need my help, but because I was a part of her and she loved me, she invited me to participate by letting me “help” with the dishes.

My mom and dad had to provide the means for it—I couldn’t buy the dish soap or pay the water bill. But by doing the part that suited me at that age, I could participate in a real way.

Pope Francis says to give “attentive welcome” to everyone—to enter their lives, even if just for a brief time, and let them enter ours with the love of the Holy Trinity. Because God is love, the sharing of my life with someone else is how I imitate the Trinity and share His mercy.

God doesn’t need our help any more than my mom needed help from a kindergartner to wash the dishes. But it’s not our “accomplishments” that evoke God’s Mercy, it’s our desire to do what He does in our limited way.

I was dependent on mom to give me everything I needed to participate in her life. And even though I brought nothing but my desire, the participation was real. It was real not because of what I accomplished, but because our two lives became one in the sharing.

Our pride may resist accepting God’s mercy, but if we do accept it, we’re receiving the core of who He is. We’re participating in his life in the deepest way possible for us “kindergartners,” who go on chipping plates and getting soapy water on the floor.

Scripture tells us, “The Lord takes delight in his people” (Psalm 149:4). God delights not in our accomplishments, possessions, or looks. He delights in sharing his life with us, asking only our desire to live his life more deeply in our most ordinary moments.

10 Responses to “Dishpan Full of Mercy”

  1. Patricia Cathleen Weems

    I love this correlation! It just makes sense that a brilliant God who is Love would want to share His life with us. And thank you for the reminder that God IS IN CHARGE!

  2. Mary E Stroud

    Hi Rose, Thanks for sharing this memory. There is much to think about and pray about here. Enjoy your vacation. Mary Ellen

  3. Lynda Rozell

    Amen! Even at a young age your heart recognized the sanctity of work and how God calls us to participate in it. Blessings from Maine! I love the vacation picture and hope y’all had a marvelous refreshing time.

  4. Rose Gardner

    Oh Rose,

    This is so good. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a God filled week at the beach.


  5. Kathy DiCiurcio

    This is awesome Rose. Thank you for sharing. I am working on giving everything over to God. It’s not easy for me but little by little I hope to be able to do it.

    Have a wonderful time at the beach.

  6. Tom Roberts

    A long time ago, fifty years to be sure, a young woman at an Alanon meeting said “I do dishes with God.” It was cemented into my foundation on the spot.

  7. Rose M Galaviz

    ROSE, THANK YOU, I Just got back from visiting my grandchildren. Seeing one graduate from college and seeing my other three grandchildren all grown up and my grandson gave me my first great granddaughter. Was overwhelmed gratitude of how many blessings we can enjoy with trusting in our Lord Jesus.

  8. Helen

    Beautiful reminder that God wants to be in our lives. While we might sometimes be too busy for Him, never is He too busy for us. Have a wonderful vacation.

  9. Judy Lyons

    This is a great reminder of how we teach and learn!! It is a part of my life both as a mother and a daughter. Thanks for the reminder!!
    Peace be with you.

  10. Emarita

    Wonderful reflection! So insightful!
    Thank you for sharing.