Nov 13, 2020 filed under Hope, Joy.

Toddler giving thumbs up encouragement

Ven. Bruno Lanteri counseled many men and women on how to keep the faith and joy in their lives no matter what else is going on. I ran across his words this week and share some gems in this 3.5-min video to cheer you up — just in case you need it. If not, pass it along to someone who does!

God bless,

20 Responses to “Gems of Encouragement from an Expert”

  1. Maria Vida

    Hi Rose,

    I liked your video very much, it was very helpful for me.
    And I prayed for you.

    Thank you
    God bless you
    Maria Vida

  2. Judy

    This is a wonderful video Rose and comes at a good time for me. It also looks so beautiful there in the gardens. I pray you are well and thank you again for these words of encouragement and important reminders.
    Judy Keane

  3. Linda Hartzell

    Congratulations on the anniversary of your Blessing Day.
    Thank you for all you have given back in the meantime, including this video.
    You always seem to know what I need, Rose. I was having a difficult day, as well.
    The thought of God “looking directly at me” even on a tough day is so comforting.

  4. Margaret

    Thank you Dearest Rose,

    May you have –over and above and flowing over.
    Our prayers are with you. If you take a break we will
    know you are resting in the Holy Spirit. God is working…


  5. Rita

    Thank you Rose I look forward to your email. Thank you for sharing and letting us know that we all have hard times. It’s OK because as long as you remember God‘s in charge we will be OK. Thank you for reminding us may God bless you and may you have a wonderful week.

  6. Mary Faye McAneny

    Beautiful. Just the pep talk some like myself need as the days grow shorter and we anticipate a more distanced holiday season. Today is my sorrow and my joy as I honor my daughter Meghan who died 11 years ago but whose life brought me and a ton of others closer to Christ. Forever grateful. Faye

  7. Ana Maria Fernandez

    Good morning Rose, thank you so much, in those difficult days always we need some words of wake you up. god bless you

  8. Terry Wollersheim

    Just what I needed to hear, Rose. Thank you. And, congratulations on your ‘anniversary’. Converting to Catholicism has been the most important, joyful event of my life.

  9. Nida

    Thank you and God bless you abundantly Rose! It gave me strength and understanding after I listened to you! You are a blessing to us! ???

  10. Rosemary

    Good Morning Rose,
    Thank you for sharing these words of encouragement with us, it is always nice to know we are not alone. I will share these words of hope because I know all of us are in need of encouragement at this time.
    God Bless

  11. Karen F. Coombe

    Thank you Rose for sharing these words of wisdom to let us know we are not alone and can rely on our dear Lord for guidance.

  12. Scott Kelly

    Congratulations on your anniversary of being Catholic! I watched the Basilica’s livestream at 12 PM (sad I didn’t notice you in the congregation when they panned over!).


    • Rose Folsom

      Thanks, Scott! We went to the 9 am Mass, thinking it would be easier to get in. You have to show up an hour early these days before the Sunday Masses at the Shrine. So we made a morning of it. So beautiful to be back there.

  13. Theresa

    Thank you Rose for this lovely video. can I share this to my friend who needs your words of encouragement.
    Praying for you too. God Bless

  14. Joyce Miles Miles

    Very inspiring and I learned from your Christian message.
    Beautiful Scenery!
    Thanks for Sharing

  15. Diane Isabelle

    Very uplifting, Rose!Also loved the autumn colors in the background and the singing birds.

  16. Tom Roberts

    Dear Rose:

    You wrote: “I ran across his words this week.” That’s magic to my ears. As the great scientist Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favors the prepared mind.” I am more likely to run across some gems if I am already foraging in productive territory. One productive territory is my church where I go half an hour before every mass to prepare in a dialog with God. Doing it routinely helps make it portable.

    Being isolated at home for much of the time these days I have watched a few football games. Even the best quarterbacks find themselves facing discouragement every few minutes. As antidotes to failure and formulas for success they have a playbook of practiced routines affixed to their forearms. They frequently pop the playbook open in the huddle: what to do next in this situation. I have a couple of playbooks I often refer to: Pope John XXIII’s “Only For Today” and Mother Teresa’s “Do it Anyway.” “Do it Anyway” is often printed as a bookmark: long and narrow. I stapled one to my sleeve; slightly crude but that’s the Mark I model.

  17. Pat

    Perfect timing, Rose, I need not to be discouraged. I was recently tested positive for COVID-19 and need to be encouraged that ‘This too shall pass’. Say a prayer for me.