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Hang out with smiling Jesus

Have you ever pictured Jesus smiling at you? That’s what a priest asked a gathering of women in our parish last night.

He said if we’re friends with God (which we are), we’ll treat each other like friends. And that includes smiling at each other! Think of Psalm 149: “The Lord takes delight in his people.” Delight! The definition of “delight” includes “joy” and “rapture.” Wow!

And what do we do when we see someone delightful? We smile. So next time you’re in adoration, smile—we can be sure He’s smiling back.

Which leads to a second sign of friendship with God: accepting each other as we are. We may ask, “If he sees all my flaws and sins, how can He be smiling at me? Because friends love each other as they are, “bumps, warts, and squiggles.”

They focus on what they like about their friend!

And they tell each other the truth in love. If we are aware of voices that accuse and mock us, they’re not from God. Jesus may offer us some pretty daunting challenges, but it will be from the deepest place of love and we will get all the help we need, if we ask.

A third way to hang out with a close friend is to Just. Be. Silent. If friends are enjoying a sunset over the ocean, “no one is going to break the silence,” the priest said, “by saying, ‘That water sure looks wet!’” Talking would destroy the closeness of sharing the beauty of the moment.

We often talk to God in adoration, but it’s also okay to just be with Him without saying a word. “Let Jesus be the one to break the silence,” the priest suggested. “Just delight in His presence and let him delight in yours.” There’s that word “delight” again!

The next time you’re in prayer—especially adoration—return the smile that Jesus is giving you. And let the smile remind you that you’re with your closest friend, who delights in you—warts, bumps, squiggles and all.

Love always,

“Smiling Jesus” is by Bob Berran bobberran.com

22 Responses to “How to Hang Out With God”

  1. Jini Druliner

    Thank you so much Rose for sharing this lovely thought. I am sitting here at 5 AM smiling from ear to ear!!

      • Claire

        I often thought about that, Jesus smiling. But now I am excited about Him smiling at me. It gives me such peace and happiness. I am here in Church waiting for the 11 a.m. mass. Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church. Brighton, Mi. Please pray for my special intentions. Going thru a lot of testing to find out what is going on in my body. Thank you.

        • Rose Folsom

          I’ll be at noon Mass praying for your intentions — for healing and peace. Thanks for sharing and I ask everyone reading this to pray for Claire.

    • Mary

      Hi Rose;

      We have adoration every first Friday of the month. I,ll be smiling a whole lot more.

      Thank you! Mary

  2. Mary Kay

    Thanks Rose. Your upbeat Sunday messages are always welcomed! Your NCCW smiling friend.

  3. Tom Roberts

    The images of Jesus are often reflective of our culture and time. I remember the popular depictions of Jesus in the 60s: the rebel who upended the money changers’ tables outside the temple. It was Jesus’s version of burning draft cards.

    The countenance we desperately need now is the one depicted here, the smiling, welcoming face of a person who is already interested in me even though we have not yet introduced ourselves. It’s the countenance I would imagine from scripture. He already knows a good deal about the woman at the well, maybe everything. He already knew that His disciples would abandoned him and one of them would betray him, yet he broke bread with them.

    The closest analogy I can think of is a story told by G.K. CHesterton. He had attended a noon Mass at a London church only to discover that someone had stolen his umbrella. He marched into the sacristy to tell the priest, demanding to know “What kind of a place is this?” The priest replied “It’s a place for sinners; welcome!”

    • Rose Folsom

      Yes, that’s it — the smiling, welcoming face of a person who is already interested in me even though we have not yet introduced ourselves. Archbishop Fulton Sheen modeled his writing somewhat after Chesterton. Sheen told a similar story of a man who refused to become a Christian because they were all hypocrites. “Don’t worry,” said Sheen, “there’s always room for one more!”

  4. Leah Martin

    Just lovely. Thanks Rose. I have a very simple wooden picture of Jesus smiling. It’s my favorite picture of Jesus. Have a blessed Sunday.

  5. Judy

    Beautiful thought! His loving gaze is beyond words. I will be focusing on this more! Thank you for all your sharing, Rose!

  6. Margaaret Tiplady

    I have never seen a picture of Jesus smiling. I knew that He liked to have fun, but actually smiling was not included. Thanks so much for introducing me to a New Jesus. I’m looking forward to hanging out with Him.

    Love and prayers,