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People hurt in different ways, but one of the most difficult is the damage to self-worth caused by abuse. October is domestic abuse awareness month. If you have experienced this, you know how the sense of your own value hits the basement. If you know someone in that situation, it can be hard to be there for them. What can you say? Is there anything you can do to help?

The go-to site for resources is Catholics for Family Peace. They commissioned me to do a 4-part video series on how to walk with people who have experienced abuse — by sharing with them three “everyday virtues.”

You don’t need to be a therapist to use these gentle but powerful tools to help a friend reclaim the dignity they were born with. Each video is 5 minutes long and will give you tools to help your friend instead of just standing by feeling helpless! In fact, this series will help you accompany anyone who’s hurting.

Here’s the second video (the first was an introduction — this one gets into the “how-to’s”). I’ll send links to the other two videos as they are released.

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5 Responses to “How to Walk With People Who are Hurting”

  1. Marianne Sibal

    Dear Rose
    How timely it is for me to view this message right now.
    There is no peace without God, yet sometimes even speaking his name aloud to someone in a horribly disturbed situation can hurt like shining a bright light in the eyes of the very ill.
    Truly genuine caring, spoon feeding sips of nourishing goodness, can be a better beginning until that soul is ready for more substantial Truth.
    Thank you for reminding us of the simple tools God has equipped us to gracefully traverse the trials of life, the virtues.

  2. Sal

    Well done Rose! I enjoyed listening and watching your video very much. The Holy Scripture readings you quoted are very powerful indeed. When you have a moment please send them to me and keep up the good work!