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My uncle John called his late mother-in-law “Rosebud” (her name was Rose). Entering the room with a big smile, he’d call out, “How ya doin’ Rosebud?” She would beam at the tenderness of that name and the love that came with it.

I snapped this photo of rosebuds because they made me think of the difference between how we see ourselves and how God sees us.

A rosebud is beautiful in its potential to become a big red rose someday. But it’s not there yet. When we look at ourselves, we sometimes see only our faults, our sins, our flaws. All those parts that we hope will bloom into virtue someday…..but we’re not there yet.

Rosebud moments
We want to be Christ-like. But yesterday we told someone off who promised to help put together a bookcase, then didn’t show up and didn’t call. Or we gave the slowpoke grocery cashier a glare of disapproval.

Sorry, God….

At our last meeting, a member of my Virtue Circle said something that has stuck with me: “We all have free will. We can choose to accept what other people do with their free will.” Her point was that what other people do or don’t do doesn’t have that much to do with us. And if we avoid taking personally what others do and focus on the beautiful things God’s doing for us instead, we’ll have more peace.

God sees the rose
God sees the rose. God is outside of time and sees us as we will be in heaven – when we are finally and forever in full bloom – in his glory.

No one would pick a bouquet of rosebuds. But we like to mix them in with the flowers because anticipating the future blossoms adds to the beauty of a bouquet.

Our own “rosebuds” don’t need to discourage us. They’re beautiful in their way because they remind us how much we need God. If we’re keeping close to the source of all flourishing – Jesus – in prayer, Confession, and in the Mass, we can afford to see our flaws as so many buds that are poised to burst into bloom — in God’s time.

Love always,

21 Responses to “It’s Okay to be a Rosebud”

  1. Marie Terrien

    Thank you Rose that really made my day. Have a beautiful & blessed day!

  2. Jayne Schmidt

    Perfect! Your words always inspire me and give me hope, sinner that I am. Thanks Rose!🌹🌹

  3. Merle

    Thank you, Rose, for this beautiful and thought provoking reflection. Reminded me again that patience is a virtue. The amazing beauty of growing in virtue! Truly, God’s love is unconditional… and His ways are not ours. Only in surrendering to His holy will we can fully bloom…in His own timeline! He prunes and nourishes us…and slowly we see ourselves as His beloved. The anointing of the Holy Spirit completes and perfect us for others, too, to see the presence, power and provision of God through our transformation.
    All praise and glory to God ! Happy Solemnity Day of Corpus Christi! More blessings to you and your family (includes all of us who follow virtue connection).🙏✝️🩸

    • Rose Folsom

      Hi Merle,
      You are indeed part of this family and I appreciate the blessings! I just returned from 11:30 Mass followed by Eucharistic procession and benediction at my parish. Heavenly!

  4. Angelique

    What a beautiful way to view our lives. Will print and read often. Thank you for your insight.

  5. Emily Howery

    What a beautiful way to remind us of what God sees in each of us. I thank God for the insight He gives you to share with us.

  6. Deb Mastronardi

    Love roses🌹I love the name as well❤️My daughter’s middle name is Rose after St. Rose of Lima whose Feast day is in August. So happy to have been able to attend Mass and adoration ( after Mass) here in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. We’re still in lockdown here with restrictions. Praying for Virtue Connection group.
    God bless you all.🙏

    • Rose Folsom

      Sneak over the border and come to Mass with no mask or restrictions. So sorry you’re still quashed! Thanks so much for your prayers, Debra.

  7. Joyce Miles

    Now I must think to myself. What is Joyce a Rosebud or a rose.I will think this over can I be both in the eyes of God or not.
    Peace be with you 🙏

  8. Jan Mullin

    Wow Rose…another simply perfect reflection…Thank you so much! ❤️

  9. Tom Roberts

    I visit a 101-year old friend at a local nursing facility every day. Checking in requires navigating through a dozen tedious Q & A touch screen images. With experience and if the software is working it’s possible to whiz through in a minute. Yesterday I waited (six feet, of course) behind a woman who hit “NO” when she meant to hit. “YES.” That meant starting over. Embarrassed at holding up the parade she said “I’ve done this a million times before!” So I said, although feeling some impatience, “You’re not alone.” Then she said “I’m grateful for this because it keeps my 90-year old grandma safe.” She was right on the money so when she turned around I signaled a “thumbs up.”

    It takes practice but more often I’m able to see the rose when I’m stuck in the traffic grid of life. It’s pretty good when a touch screen nightmare can morph a rosebud into a beautiful bloom.

  10. Diane Upham

    Your message made me burst out into a big wonderful smile!! I will not forget this, I have archived it to send all that are hurting, Love you in Christ’s love!!

  11. Pat Friedhoff

    It is good to know that it’s OK to be ‘just’ a Rosebud – it makes you feel better about yourself. Thank you, Rose, for this meditation.