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joy in a handmade chocolate malt

As I write, I’m at the Convocation of Catholic Leaders in Orlando, Florida. Enjoyed a chocolate malt Friday night just after getting in.

Christian joy is the theme of the convocation of 3000 leaders from across the country – the joy of the Gospel! Passing along some golden nuggets from speakers today.

Morning session:
Fr. Frank DeSiano said the truths of the faith lead nowhere without a personal encounter with Jesus. That all believers need to share our own relationship with Jesus and the healing and liberation knowing Him has brought us. He said that conversion is an ongoing process that we are all experiencing every day. None of us will reach complete conversion in this world, but we can share our joy and love for God to help seekers move closer to Him. He said that Christian joy is deep inside; joy enables us to “adhere” to Christ even when we feel bad.

Afternoon Mass:
Timothy Cardinal Dolan hit it out of the park with his homily on Christian joy. He quoted the late journalist Malcolm Muggeridge, who became a Christian after spending time with now Saint Teresa of Calcutta. Muggeridge asked Mother Teresa how if they spent their days picking up people from the gutter who were covered in maggots, their own filth, dirt, and blood, she and her sisters could be so joyful. The saint answered that the secret to joy is in its letters: J-O-Y. Jesus, Others, Yourself. She said if we keep our priorities in that order, we will be joyful.

Invitees were asked to read The Joy of the Gospel in preparation for the Convocation. In that wonderful document, Pope Francis writes about meeting people where they are and “accompanying” them to the healing that only the experience of God’s love can provide. “Accompanying” means listening with patience and – get this – acknowledging our own need to be healed and transformed by those we are helping. He says that we will be successful in leading others to Jesus only if we train the eyes of our heart to see the infinite dignity conferred on everyone because of the infinite nature of God’s love for each one. That is good news worth sharing!

Love always,

10 Responses to “Joy is for Sharing”

  1. Sal

    Hello Rose,

    Wow, 3,000 people for this gathering! Very impressive and that Orlando sunset says it all! I wish you and your family a happy and safe 4th of July!

    God bless!

    • Rose Folsom

      Thanks, Sal, same to you — I’ll be landing at DCA at 9 pm on the 4th, so may see fireworks from the air!

  2. Pat Watson


    Thanks so much for the inspiring messages and the photo. I planned to be there, but I have been ill. This gives me a chance to attend by proxy. My co-workers who are attending are men, and I love getting the woman’s perspective!

    Pat Watson
    Landings International

    • Rose Folsom

      So sorry you couldn’t make it and hope you are feeling better. The word of the day is “accompaniment” — no more putting money in the collection box and forgetting the rest; no more drive-by charity; no more box-checking — we are to walk with people who are on the peripheries and be evangelized by them. (something you are familiar with in the Landings program!) God bless you in your work.

  3. Tom Roberts

    What a wonderful, uplifting experience, but if you want a real chocolate malt, come to Wisconsin.

    • Rose Folsom

      House-made vanilla ice cream with plenty of chocolate sauce cannot help but be very good. But you know what? It wasn’t as good as the ones I grew up with in Wisconsin. Maybe it needs to be paired with a brat and sauerkraut to realize its full potential.

  4. Debbie

    Rose – Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I’ve been watching EWTN and listening to some of the talks. WOW – what an experience and the malt looks delicious.

    • Rose Folsom

      Aren’t the talks awesome? Between reading The Joy of the Gospel and being at this convocation, the gospel’s meaning is clearer somehow. There are challenging things in Jesus’ message that I can’t gloss over anymore.

  5. Phyllis

    Archbishop Timothy Dolan is a favorite around here too. I’m glad you are there, I am watching some of the convocation on EWTN. It does give use hope, and like the JOY, Jesus, Others, yourself reference…Thanks
    from Wisconsin.