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Joy at sunrise

Joy is a fruit of the Spirit that comes only from love of God—it comes from knowing and trusting that the God who is love has our back now and in eternity. It’s easy to forget that that means I never have to sweat the small stuff—and it’s all small stuff.

Keeping our joy involves constantly pulling ourselves back from trying to find joy in things that are passing away. Which is why joy sometimes “hides in the basement” below layers of frustration and sorrow. Sometimes we need to dig deeper to find it.

Joy in hiding
This morning my sweet husband called me from out of town with a computer problem. I began to get frustrated and snippy as he described at length what he saw on the screen, none of it helping me to understand what was going on. He kept his joy through it all; I didn’t.

When we hung up, I realized I had missed a golden chance to recognize the joy in the situation and ignore the lie that I have a right to be upset when my will is not done.

In The Joy of the Gospel, Pope Francis repeatedly reminds us that if we would bring Christ to others, we must remain open to being evangelized ourselves. For example, if we get frustrated when we’re unable to accomplish something, the Holy Spirit gives us the power to see the hand of the divine sculptor at work transforming us into himself.

Finding the gift
Turns out the computer conversation was a gift from God to show how easily I get impatient. How I rely too much on myself to solve things and forget that God’s just waiting to help me—if I remember to ask.

To accept being evangelized by painful situations means absorbing once again the Good News that God’s in charge and we’re not. That he’s forming us for heaven in a situation that, on the surface, just feels annoying.

Thank you, God, for the obstacles and disappointments you allow in my path today. Let me be evangelized by them—to see in them the face of the crucified and risen Christ, who has conquered sin and death forever.

11 Responses to “Joy Lost and Found”

  1. Kathleen O'REILLY

    Words of wisdom: impatience is my middle name! I figure I can accomplish whatever much better and faster( there it is out in the open ugly pride!!) I think I’m a border line OCD things must be organized, neat and pristine. Anything that doesn’t conform “flips my switch” and away I go into a tirade. I pray for help everyday.


  2. Martha Racketa

    My friend and I were working on a presentation and the Holy Spirit told me to call on Carlos Acutis and we did… problems were fixed. Slap me some wing Holy Spirit (that’s a high five)

    I too get frustrated when things don’t go my way.

  3. Terry Wollersheim

    Undoubtedly, I need to keep this close by & read it daily. I get annoyed by little frustrations quite easily. Reframing them as evangelizations presents a new opportunity of experiencing Him & growing in relationship with Him.

  4. Helen

    This was very good for me to read because I also get frustrated when my husband or others do this to me. I think I am too busy to listen to this nonsense. I will continue to read this until it becomes cemented in my brain. Thank you Rose

  5. Mary E Stroud

    Great message. God bless you and your family this paschal season.

  6. Tom Roberts

    I just came from Palm Sunday mass. I find joy every week listening to the passionate piano works of Gayle Westfahl who plays the 11:15 mass. I’m a Gayle groupie.

  7. Sharon

    I believe your teaching us about humility from Mother Teresa has helped me to see that every boulder every obstacle every cross and frustration in my life comes with a blessing if I just look for it. Most of time I realize my sufferings are Jesus teaching me a way I can be more like him.

  8. Leah

    Wonderful wisdom- thank you for sharing! Have a Blessed Holy Week, Rose!

  9. Sabrina

    Thanks Rose! Your blog has been a special blessing in my life as I have met the challenges that I’ve been put before me.

  10. Lucy Edwards

    Thank you, Rose . Your readings really lift up my spirit. Happy Easter week end. May Blessing to you and your family.