Jul 19, 2015 filed under Love.


Almost everyone agrees that becoming more loving is good, but how do we put that into action? That’s what virtue is all about.

One little tip is to insist on our way less. Our preferences are often needless points of conflict. They are points where we can choose peace over contradiction, generosity over selfishness.

We’re talking about the times when giving up a little can mean a lot – watching a movie the family wants instead of the one you had your heart set on; having fish for dinner for your spouse’s sake when you really feel like beef. It’s the little things that we harmlessly give up for love of others that pump up our virtue muscles. Being “other directed” is the only way to true joy – one of the paradoxes of the spiritual life.

Being more aware of our preferences and insisting on them less is something we can do at home, at work, or in line at the grocery. Letting go of some of our preferences helps us see the big picture more clearly and leads to a wonderful freedom. And peace.

Love always,

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