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Psalm 19 sunrise

I fell in love with Psalm 19 when I was a new Catholic. The drama of this psalm still gives me a thrill. Join me as we walk together through this beautiful ancient poem. I love thinking that Jesus knew this Psalm and knew it was about Himself!
Love always,


23 Responses to “Meditative Stroll Through Psalm 19”

  1. Carol Wall

    Thank you for the beautiful meditation on
    Psalm 19 with all the beauty of creation on display.

  2. Sabine Paul

    So beautiful, thank you! A great mediation to start the day.

  3. Debbie

    Good morning Rose,
    That is beautiful and thank you for sharing Psalm 19 with us.
    To see HIS Work every second of every day, is awe inspiring and how can we not take time to enjoy what HE has done and is doing for us because HE loves us. So much to be thankful for ❤️

  4. Mary klein-herstein

    Thank you for this psalm and I will use it often in my prayer time.

    • Rose Folsom

      There is a new feature in Vimeo that can do that, which I will check out. Meanwhile, you can go to Ps 19 in your Bible, which is what I read.
      God bless,

  5. Mary Anderson

    So beautiful!! When I think of the beauty in His creation and drink in the glorious pictures attached …it reflects your heart Rose! You are His beautiful creation! When you had your conversion the enormous splender of His glory erupted in your heart springing forth your thirst to share!!
    Your a treasure 💖

  6. Anne Gordon

    Thank you so much Rose. What a beautiful morning prayer.
    Your voice is so clear and soothing.

  7. Cecilia Kavanah

    Beauty, art and prayer come together with such grace here. Thank you Rose for sharing your gifts with us. I am lifted up.

  8. Annette Rudzewicz

    Thank you❣This was so “refreshing” ❤

  9. Mary E Stroud

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful images for Psalm 19.

  10. Lucy Edwards

    Thank you Rose, I truly love this glorious creations. They are so beautiful images and again thank you for sharing this gifts-Psalm 19.


    Glory to You oh Lord Jesus Christ, Glory to You. That was beautiful meditation on Psalm 19. Thank You Rose my Sister in Christ Jesus, God Bless you abundantly