Nov 11, 2017 filed under Gifts & Fruits of the Spirit.

Grass and sky

Sometimes it takes just a couple of minutes to pry ourselves from our to-do list, take some slow breaths, and re-connect to God’s beauty. Here’s a relaxing 2-minute “mini-vacation” that you can take anytime to re-set your day from stressful to restful. Ahhhhh! Enjoy!

Love always,

8 Responses to “Mini-Vacation Under a Clear Blue Sky”

  1. Stephanie

    Thank you Sister, I needed to be reminded of that. God be with you.

    • Rose Folsom

      I pray you stay recollected in God this week and always. As I left adoration last Wednesday, my friend Eileen said, “Take heaven with you.” I’ve been thinking of that ever since — such a beautiful thought.

  2. Tom Roberts

    For those who remember Simon and Garfunkel it’s a bridge over troubled water.

  3. colleen kiko

    Rose, This is just beautiful and something I really needed this morning.

  4. Lindsey

    LOVE this so much. What a treat! Thanks for this wonderful break, Rose!