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Blessed Catherine of Racconigi (1487–1574) was a Lay Dominican who had a mystical vision of God purifying her heart. Wouldn’t it be great (although a little scary!) to see it in person so we knew it really happened?

Catherine “saw” Jesus’ power to heal her heart — which means her desires — so that what she wanted matched what was truly good for her.

Today, we can ask ourselves, “What is one worldly desire I wish Jesus would take away?”

Praise God, there’s a Sacrament for that!

We may not see with our eyes Jesus purifying our heart when we make a good Confession, but His healing touch in the Sacrament cleanses us every bit as much as it did Catherine in the ecstasy of her vision.

As a Lay Dominican, I make the best confession I can every month. But I’ve dropped the ball lately. And I don’t know why. It’s been bothering me, and I make plans to go, but then it slips my mind. It’s been about seven weeks.

Have I asked Jesus in person, in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, what flaws he sees in my heart that he is literally dying to heal? No, not really.

Two reasons
Reading about Blessed Catherine made me think there are two reasons why I’ve been putting it off. The first is that I have not taken the time to do a good examination of conscience (which is especially weird because in our last meeting of my Virtue Circle, that’s exactly what we explored!)

The second reason is that the very thing that’s keeping me from going to Confession is the thing that I need to confess. And that is making and idol out of my work.

Too busy doing God’s work to pay attention to Jesus — what’s wrong with this picture? 🤔

Consoling Jesus
Do I forget that Jesus’ greatest agony in his Passion was seeing souls who would reject his redemption and walk away from his Blood, thinking they didn’t need it?

Jesus’ greatest agony was seeing souls fall into hell because they were unwilling to receive the healing and pardon that He offers them at every moment.

Lord, let me not increase the agony of Your Passion by being one of the unwilling ones.

Let me receive Your pardon and healing and drench myself in Your Blood, which is my only hope for happiness here and in eternity.

Blessed Catherine, pray for us that we may greet Jesus’ open arms with our open heart — to be healed by the Divine Physician.

14 Responses to “Purify My Heart”

  1. ginny kearney allen

    I appreciate your honesty. Many are not ware that there are still idols in life these days. Thank you.

  2. Debbie

    Hi Rose,

    Your email and the readings of this morning are exactly how I have been feeling. I need to get to confession! Back to church after allergies and being sick which required scripts.
    Thank you,
    Many Blessings

  3. Anne Gordon

    This is just what I needed to hear. I will go to confession this week. Thank you so much Rose.

  4. Jenean Jones

    Msgr. Smith’s homily addressed this very topic this morning. Good time for a confession with First Friday coming up. I also try to go once a month but, it’s been 7 weeks. Definitely, time to go. It’s on my calendar for Wednesday! Thx!!

  5. Marge Dunn

    Rose, Thank you for sharing from your heart & soul. I can so relate to this topic.
    I anxiously await your Emails each Sun. Love & Blessings. Marge

  6. Lucy Edwards

    Rose, Thank you for these beautiful reminder scriptures. I do remind myself as I am not in the best of my health. Thank you for your prayers. My calendar reminds me with scripture topics. God Bless You.

  7. Diane Upham

    Dearest Rose 🌹
    How beautiful and true, my heart and soul are so magnified with your writings, I feel lighter and that Jesus is sitting right beside me.
    He has given you a true gift.
    Thank you 🙏

  8. Rose M. Galaviz

    Rose, thank you for sharing. I too have been trying to bring myself into a more aware clean heart. Yesterday Jesus taught us to uncover our masks. He wants us with a clean heart. I praying for the restoration of soul.

  9. Connie

    Rose, thank you for your reflections! It gladdens my heart as my husband and I are recovering from Covid. Please include us in your prayers.
    Connie and John