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Patience shown by flowers reflected in a quiet pool.

St. Catherine of Siena (1347–1380), Doctor of the Church and Patron Saint of Italy, was a towering political figure of her time. She spent her short life playing peacemaker among the warring clans in Siena and even went to Avignon to help convince the Pope to move the papacy back to Rome (after 67 years in France!), which he then did.

Catherine knew a thing or two about patience. And dealing with difficult people.

Her writings give us a peek into the inner life of one who set her priorities to be very close to God—and they inspire us to do that, too. Here are the words that God the Father spoke to her about the value of patience, recorded in her famous book The Dialogue.

“O glorious virtue! How pleasing you are to me!….On insult shines patience, the queen who reigns over all the virtues because she is the heart of love. She is the sign and signal of the soul’s virtues, showing whether or not they are rooted in me, eternal Truth.

“She conquers and is never conquered. Her companions are courage and perseverance, and she returns home victorious. When she comes from the battlefield she returns to me, the eternal Father and rewarder of every labor, and she receives from me the crown of glory.”

What inspires you most about these words? I often repeat “Patience is the heart of love” when my laptop (or a coworker) is acting up or when my speedometer reads 3 mph in traffic.

Catherine wrote: “To the servant of God, every time is the right time and every place is the right place.” I might add to that “every person is the right person!” Can we consider that each person is a gift given to us to bring us closer to God? It’s hard to see it that way sometimes, right?

Changing the story
If we’ve built a story in our mind that someone “always does that” or is “out to get me,” we’re blocking the action of God. We’re keeping something fresh and new from coming in.

We don’t tolerate abuse and sometimes have to take action to protect ourselves or others. But the tips below are ways to change the story in our mind. To keep our connection with God strong when we’re tempted to be impatient, that is, shift our attention away from God’s love to take someone else’s behavior personally.

  1. Imagine the reasons why a person behaves the way they do. Do they dislike themselves? Are they still fighting battles from childhood? Are they in physical or mental pain?
  2. Call to mind that they didn’t wake up this morning saying, “I’m devoting my day to driving Marge crazy.” It’s not about you.
  3. Remember that God loves them as much as he does you.
  4. Write down the things you imagine God loves about them.
  5. Pray that they receive the same blessings today that you desire for yourself.

These are ways I’ve battled the temptation to be impatient with my fellow sinners. I hope you find them useful, too!
St. Catherine of Siena, pray for us!
Love always,

26 Responses to “Patience: Queen of the Virtues”

  1. Colleen

    I loved this! Will pray for you as you develop your video series.

    • Andrée

      Thank you, Rose. I feel that God is sending this message through you. I pray for your success on the video.

  2. Dora

    I needed this today! So impatient with my husband who has several medical issues but is difficult and argumentative.
    Thanks! Have a blessed day!

    • Joyce Miles

      You will be in my prayer Rose.All will go well and you shall find peace in your heart with your assignment for Christ.

  3. Sabine Paul

    Thanks for this reflection on the virtue of patience. Praying for you as you work on your video series.

  4. Jenean Jones

    Rose, thanks for this reminder this morning. I’m waiting for a call to tell me where and when to see my grandchild off to camp This AM. Waiting – patiently… Prayers for your video series and writing. Mother Mary surround you with her mantle of love.

  5. Marina Tamez

    Thank you..for the tips…prayers for your task at hand.🙏

  6. Sharon

    Thanks! This helps me deal with the difficult people in my job.

  7. Ellen

    Great advice! Thank you and blessings as you work on your project.

    • Debra

      Thank you Rose for reminding me that “Patience” is love. A reminder at the right time…
      Will keep you in prayer as you work on your video.

  8. Tom Roberts

    This shows that the natural abilities of women have been underrated since time immemorial. I’m thinking of Emily Warren Roebling who took over supervising Brooklyn Bridge construction following the incapacitation of her husband by decompression sickness. She studied mathematics and structural engineering, got along with contractor’s foremen while managing to placate members of the bridge board of directors, several of whom were jockeying for governor of New York. Once she completed the bridge she earned a law degree.

  9. Kathy

    Thank you Rose! Great words of wisdom! Best wishes on your important work this week!

  10. Mary

    Rose 🌹 Thank you for reminding me about the patience we all work on and pray about. My adult drama queen daughter challenges me to keep my mouth closed and to breathe deeply as her comments can hurt. I appreciate your weekly musings. God bless you 🙏

  11. Lucy Edwards

    Thank you so much as I reflect on my patience with my health issues. My prayers are with you on your work on the video series. Many Blessings.

  12. Kathy DiCiurcio

    Thank you Rose. St. Catherine of Siena is my patron Saint. Patience has always been a struggle for me. Maybe I should try to be more like St. Catherine. I will keep you in my prayers for your video series.

  13. Lucia Broussard

    Thank you Mrs Rose. I struggle with patience. I need to keep this in mind always.
    Bless you and best of luck with you writing and quiet time

  14. Esther Davis

    My worst virtue, impatience with myself.
    God love and help me.

    May the Holy Spirit be with you.

    Have not said this before.

  15. Diane Upham

    Mama Rose, can you possibly.empower us any closer to thy Lord’s desire for us Humans to Powerfully connect with our Savior, Jesus Christ?
    Thank you 🙏 for the Depth of Your Understanding.

  16. Guadalupe

    Perfect time for me to receive this message. I been frustrated and impatient with one of my brothers who doesn’t appreciate any bodies effort to help him. Please join me in prayerfor him. His name is Aristeo Leal.
    Thank you

  17. Helen

    A little late but prayers your work went well. Patience a virtue not many of us have. Thank you