Jan 2, 2021 filed under Courage, Faith, Hope, Love, Patience.

Sunrise on 2021

I usually don’t pick a Word for the whole year. But 2021 seemed to need one! My 3-minute video reveals what word I chose and why.

Scroll down and share the Word you’ve chosen this year.

Love always,

3 Responses to “Revealing my Word for 2021”

  1. Joyce

    Hello Rose
    Make 2021 a year of putting Jesus first in your daily life.Praise him,sing songs of Thanksgiving and speak to him everyday and night.
    Show your love constantly and never be ashamed of speaking the gospel.

    • Rose Folsom

      Thank you, Joyce.
      All the wonderful things you listed are ways we can be happy in 2021. Yes, it’s all about Jesus!

  2. Linda Hartzell

    My word for the New Year is GRATITUDE.
    As our parish priest put it yesterday during his homily,
    “Don’t count your losses, count your blessings.”

    Prayers that your word resonates with you, Rose, throughout the New Year.

    Jesus, I TRUST in you.