Mar 10, 2021 filed under Humility, Patience.

Short on serenity

Ven. Aloysius Schwartz (1930-1992) founded World Villages for Children ( to feed, house, educate, and form in the faith abandoned children and others who have no other hope for a dignified life. I’m reading his letters to his spiritual mother, Sr. Gertrude, and found a gem in one of his letters to pass along to you. It’s in the 2-minute video below. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
Love always,

15 Responses to “Short on serenity? Don’t worry about it!”

  1. Addie Lou Willis

    Thank you for these words of wisdom. And I notice in the back ground that you have the same statue of our Blessed Mother that I have. It’s beautiful!

  2. Linda Hartzell

    What a wonderful start to what I know and pray will be a serene and peaceful day.
    Thank you, Rose.

    • Tina

      I haven’t the right words to say, but just a lump in my throat and a tear. Thank you.

  3. Leah Friel

    Wonderful Lenten reflection – thank you! Peace and Serenity be with you!
    P.S. I saw my first daffodil blooming yesterday during a serene walk- it made me smile as I noticed how beautiful it was- can’t wait for the cherry blossoms! Leah

  4. Mary Faye McAneny

    I have read my way through all of Father Al’s books this year. They are life changing. Can’t wait for the EWTN special about his life to be aired. Monday March 15 11:30
    Tuesday March 16 5:30 and Fri March 19 evening time. How fitting on the feast of St Joseph as Fr Al was a spiritual father to so many dear souls!

    • Rose Folsom

      Fr. Al’s writing applies so directly to your own ministry! His strength was in distrusting his own judgment and totally relying on the Spirit to guide him. Which caused a lot of interior pain of uncertainty. This was an eye-opener for me — those who rely on the Spirit suspect themselves of self-deception and fear they are substituting their own will for that of God. Maybe that’s the most grueling poverty of all: moving forward in faith into unknown territory without absolutely knowing it’s God’s will; trusting without human certainty.

  5. Sharon O'Brien

    Rose, Thanis for lifting up Fr. Al’s work and the letter to his spiritual Mother, Sr. Gertrude.

  6. Jan

    Thank you, Rose! I will offer up my lack of serenity with as much serenity as I can muster. You are a breath of fresh air!
    God Bless you,

  7. Tom Roberts

    The heart of the Serenity Prayer is the wish to accept the things I cannot change, for courage to change the things I can and for the wisdom to know the difference. I am happy to report that at 81 I am better at it than when I was at 40. Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.

  8. Christine Clark

    This was very enlightening that if serenity is elusive to a Saint then I can accept my inability to attain it. Praise God he still loves me in spite of my shortcomings. Thank you for this!

    • Rose Folsom

      Yes, Fr. Al reminds me (and I need reminding!) that my friendship with God has infinitely more to do with his constant care for me than it does with my response to him or my feelings in general.